Exploring Baptism


Sunday 18 & 25 June, and 2 July, 3:30-5pm, at KBC

Reading the 4 Gospels and the book of Acts, it is clear that calling people to believe in Jesus and follow him, is front and centre in the mission of the church. We also see the pattern of people believing and being baptised. Baptism is an act of obedience in response to coming to saving faith in Jesus. It is a public act where a person declares their allegiance to Jesus and intention to follow him.

With this in mind, we are planning a baptism service at NightChurch on Sunday 23 July. Since some people have already expressed interest in finding out more about what baptism means and being baptised, there will be a 3-week course on the follow dates:

Some of the things we will look at are:


A fresh look at Jesus, what he said, what he calls us to and what the Gospel, or Good News, actually is.


Why be baptised? Can I be a Christian without baptism? What about infant baptism? What does the Bible teach about Baptism?

Church Membership

Isn’t it just a piece of paper? Don’t I already belong to the church through my faith in Jesus? Why should I become a member of a church?

The Lord’s Supper

What is and why do we celebrate Communion or the Lord’s Supper? What did Jesus say about it? How often should I participate?

Feel free to read our Baptism and Membership Guide here, or we can give you a hard copy at the office. 

We would love to have you come along to find out a bit more. You don’t have to get baptised at the end of the course, and

Please contact the church office if you want to register or find out more.