You Can’t Ask That

From 15 April, for 8 weeks, our NightChurch series will be “You Can’t Ask That!”. During these weeks, we’ll be addressing questions that people are sometimes afraid to ask, the questions you might hear and then think, “you can’t ask that!” A ninth week will be a panel night, designed to address some of the questions that we didn’t have time to consider during the series.

To prepare for the series, we’d love to know what you think those taboo questions are. What are the questions you’d love to hear answered, but you feel you can’t ask? We’re particularly interested in questions related to faith. If you’re able, please submit a question or two using our online form.

All contributions will be kept completely anonymous. We can’t promise we can answer every question but will do our best to respond to as many as time allows.


15 April – Hell and Judgement

Hell and Judgement – Summary Notes

22 April –  Jesus’ Teaching on Sexuality

29 April – Faith and Works

6 May – Ethics and Morality 

13 May – TBC

20 May – TBC

17 June – TBC

24 June – TBC

1 July – Panel Night