Advent: God With Us

Have you noticed that cakes just don’t appear out of thin air? Or that pumpkins don’t just create themselves? And although babies appear to suddenly pop out of nowhere, so much has been happening unseen and unnoticed for 9 months.
Cakes take time, planning, preparation and work. Pumpkins the same; a seed planted, watered, cultivated before the harvest is ready. And babies; well, enough said, really. 

It takes time, patience, work and attentiveness – small steps coming together – for good things to appear.

Are our spiritual lives any different? I reckon we miss so much of what is happening under the soil of our souls because we are so busy, living fast, in a hurry and incessantly looking for the quick fix and the shortcut to happiness and an easy life. There is another way…

Jesus said “come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Could there be any more sublime, winsome and transforming words ever spoken in this world? And to prove he was willing to back up his promise, God came to us in person with this invitation! You can believe and have confidence in the invitation from Jesus to come to him, because he took the loving initiative to come to us. This is what the Season of Advent means: we remember afresh and enter into the mystery of the incarnation: God in human form – a baby!

Make some time, slow down and don’t miss what God is doing, wants to do and will do in your heart and your life as we celebrate again the birth of Jesus. You can’t rush beauty, truth and goodness…

Here are some wonderful Advent Resources for individuals and families to share in over December:​ 

  • Unwrapping Advent:
    A 4-Week Devotional by Margaret Feinberg: Celebrating the Wonder of Jesus’ Arrival Then and Now.
  • Reason for the Season
    24 Ready-Made Family Devotions that will put the focus back on Christ this Christmas.
  • Advent – the Village Church
    This guide contains five weeks of material, with both a study to complete on your own as well as a plan to help families talk about the Advent narrative together.

May the Lord Jesus come to you in a new and powerful way this Advent, bringing rest, healing and transformation.

In Jesus,


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