Church Family Membership Pathway

“In the New Testament there is no such person as a Christian who is not a church member. Conversion was described as ‘the Lord adding to the church’ (Acts 2:47). There was no spiritual drifting.” (Douglas Millar).

Membership of the Kew Baptist Church is open to any person who declares faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, who is willing to be committed to this church as a covenanted member, and who is in general agreement with the Statement of Beliefs. The normal practice of this church will be to accept into membership those who have been baptised by immersion upon profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

In particular circumstances, membership may be open to those not baptised:

  1. Has made a profession of faith, been nurtured within a recognised Christian tradition, has been a member in good standing or has participated in the life of the congregation in that tradition.
  2. Conscientiously affirms both the validity of his or her initiation into and ministry within that tradition, and his or her sense of call to belong to Kew Baptist Church.
  3. Able to affirm the covenant and doctrinal basis of this congregation, including the normative nature of believers’ baptism. However, having studied the Baptist position and the claims of Scripture, his or her experience within a Christian tradition makes it inappropriate to accept believers’ baptism for themselves.

All applicants for membership will be required to:

  • Discuss the covenant, doctrinal basis and responsibilities of membership.
  • Be interviewed by nominated church representatives, clarifying that he/she:
    • Respects and understands the traditions of the Baptist Church regarding baptism;
    • Has formed a reasonable basis for their conscientious objection to believers’ baptism (in cases where this is relevant);
    • Believe that it is God’s will for them to enter into the life and witness of KBC.
  • Make a public declaration of faith.

For members applying for membership at the time of their baptism, this process will form part of the pre-baptism discussion.

If, as a result of the interview and discussion process, a recommendation in favour of membership is to be made, it must be brought to a Church meeting and be accepted by a two-thirds majority of members present.

If a person seeks to become a member of the church, having been a member of another church, a letter of commendation must be sought from that other church.

Please speak with one of the pastors or members of the Leadership Team (listed on front page) if you would like to discuss becoming a member at KBC.

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