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Seven Letters

Term 3 Theme: Being Renewed as God’s People

Over Term 3 we will be tracking together at both 10am and NightChurch working through the Seven Letters from Jesus to the churches in the Book of Revelation. These letters will act as a mirror for us individually and as a church. Jesus has a specific calling and vision for our lives and our church, and these letters will help us (re)capture that. On Sunday July 28, a study guide and journal will be available for every person to take with them. This guide can be used weekly in small groups to follow up on the previous Sunday’s message. I am inviting and asking all small groups to use this for Term 3. Secondly, the guide will give you ways to personally reflect and pray about the themes in the letters. Please enter into this with all your heart and pray to be renewed In Christ.


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Extensive Theological and Biblical overview of the Seven Letters

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