DEEPER is a new initiative at Kew Baptist Church, aimed at providing a further avenue of learning and growing to equip people for lifelong fruitful and faithful service to Jesus. We will offer 2 units per semester each year to a maximum of 12 people.

Go DEEPER with your faith and your life in God and community by:

  • Devoting yourself to God, to learn and to be better equipped to lead and serve others.
  • Connecting with God and others in prayer and community.
  • Growing through biblical and theological engagement and reflection and being equipped to serve God and others.
  • Sustaining your faith and spiritual life in God

Aims of DEEPER:

  • To help young adults learn and develop for life and ministry.
  • To raise the bar for leadership at KBC.
  • To provide potential leaders with a taste of theological education.
  • To train leaders for ministry at KBC and beyond.
  • Undertake the Ridley Online Certificate.
  • Require a serious commitment upon signing up.

The first unit for 2017 is BIBLE OVERVIEW:

Bible Overview covers the whole message of the Bible in a single subject. It has been designed and presented by Mike Raiter, a popular and esteemed Bible teacher. It will help you grasp of the big story of the Bible, and to make more sense of the different Bible readings you may hear at church or read in your own devotions. It also will help you get a sense of how the Bible relates to the world around us.

Lesson 1: An introduction to the Bible as a story and how it relates to us today, as well as Creation. (Sun 7 May, 3-5pm)

Lesson 2: A consideration of the spread of sin in the world, and the chaos it causes. The New Beginning God initiated with his people through covenants with Abraham and Moses. (Sun 14 May, 3-5pm)

Lesson 3: The initial forays into the promised land, the failure of the people to keep the Law, and the rise of the Monarchy. The history of the wisdom books; Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Job. (Sun 21 May, 3-5pm)

Lesson 4: The tragic downfall of Israel, divided into two kingdoms, and the role of the prophets, as the voice of God, reminding the people to keep their part of the covenant. (Sun 28 May, 3-5pm)

Lesson 5: The birth of Jesus, the true King and Messiah promised by God through the prophets and Psalms. The teaching and miracles of Jesus, as well his death and resurrection. (Sat 3 Jun, 8am-12pm)

Lesson 6: The Big Story through Acts, and the letters, sees the fledgling church as it seeks to establish God’s Kingdom on earth. Revelation shows how the Kingdom will be re-created on a New Earth, with Jesus returning as King. (Sat 3 Jun, 8am-12pm)

Contact Paul Pallot or Nick Tuohy if you’re interested in joining or finding out more!

Ridley Certificate Details

The Ridley Certificate is an online course for churches or individuals. Content is online in video lecturers and accompanying handouts. Discussion questions and multiple choice questions are also included to help consolidate learning.

A full certificate will be awarded following the completion of 10 subjects. The certificate includes a core of 4 subjects, and your own choice of 6 of the 8 elective subjects.

Access to online materials is a great educational advantage for group members. They can review the videos, take the quizzes, and explore other resources available.

Cost per unit is $80. KBC wants to invest in our young adults and will subsidise the cost to make it $50 per unit.