Fruitfulness on the Frontlines

In term 4 we would like to do a church wide series called Fruitfulness on the Frontlines, that is very practically aimed and focussed on integrating our faith to our Frontline. Your Frontline is the place(s) where you spend significant time through the week in contact with non-Christian’s. The material is excellent produced by London Institute of Contemporary Christianity. It coincides with our Term 4 theme which is Reach Out: regain a heart and passion for mission, local and global,
Here’s a few things to note:

  • We have printed individual discussion guides for everyone which are available from this Sunday in the foyer. (pdf copy here)
  • We have 6 copies of the DVD curriculum for SG’s
  • There are 8 SG sessions, the first one starting after Sunday 4 Oct. (flyer attached)
  • From Sunday 11 Oct, the themes will be explored on the Sunday and SG’s are then to follow up that theme during the week together.

London Institute series info here:

We think this will be a really helpful and exciting journey for the church as we seek together to better integrate our faith with our daily living.

FOf A5 flyer

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