International Detention Coalition

Dear Church,

I had a wonderful opportunity to meet with our Federal Member, Josh Frydenberg this last week to discuss policy changes to keeping children in detention. The good news is that after hitting a peak of thousands of children in detention, there are none now in detention in mainland Australia. 

The group that invited me, the International Detention Coalition (IDC), has been doing the hard work of making this a reality for many years. Dr Robyn Sampson (pictured in the middle) is a Senior Advisor and Research Coordinator with IDC, and Robyn’s late mother, Ruth, was Senior Pastor here at KBC in the mid 1990’s. I was so impressed with the long-game IDC is playing here and the meeting was very hopeful. I said in the meeting that although this is a thorny political issue, I was there on behalf of a church community that takes the teaching of Jesus to “look after the least of these” very seriously.

One small thing you can do apart from pray is join the Global Campaign to End Child Immigration detention and sign the petition at: 

Just on a related note, our Morning Tea and Dinner catered by the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre saw us as a church give around $980, so thank you to everyone who contributed. 

Amanda and I are having a mid-year break over 10 days and we look forward to continuing to serve our Great God together in the second half of this year. 

In Christ,

Nicholas Tuohy

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