Jesus: Love Personified








Our Term 1 Series for 2019 is Jesus: Love Personified. At both our 10am & 5:30pm services, we will be looking at different stories from the life of Jesus and asking ourselves:

  • How does Jesus, who is love incarnate, express and demonstrate love?
  • What does it look like to be loved by Jesus for the people in the stories?
  • In what practical ways, empowered by God’s grace, can we love like this?

Click here to download the study and devotional guide for the series.

24 Feb: Loving the Unlovely (Mt 8:1-4) – Paul Pallot

3 Mar: Love Forgives (Mt 9:1-8) – Mark Gellie

10 Mar: Love Welcomes Strangers (Mt 9:9-13) – Nicholas Tuohy

17 Mar: Love #MeToo (Mt 9:18-26) – Amanda Tuohy

24 Mar: Love is Hard Work (Mt 10) – Paul Pallot

31 Mar: Love gets Angry (Jn 2:13-25) – Nicholas Tuohy                              

7 Apr: Love Heals Shame (Jn 4:1-26) – Nicholas Tuohy & Miriam Dale 

14 Apr: Love Serves (Jn 13:1-17) – Nicholas Tuohy

19 Apr: Love Hurts (Jn 19:17-30) – Paul Pallot

21 Apr: Love Leads to Life (Jn 20:1-18) – Nicholas Tuohy & Ashray Rajagopalan