KBC Masterplan

KBC buildng historyLast August at our Church Gathering we discerned and agreed that God was leading us into beginning a property master planning process as a church. Having previously had dealings twice with Studio B Architects, and from recommendations from consulting with the BUV, we entered into a 5 month mission and property masterplan process. Here’s the steps so far to this point:

1. Missional DNA process: 25 leaders across the church invited to fill in extensive survey on our current and future mission and ministry priorities. 8 follow up surveys specifically auditing our current building usage as well as future needs were completed.

2. First presentation from Studio B outlining development possibilities with 5 extensive options with differing mixes of apartments and townhouses.

3. Leadership Team and Res Committee members reviewed the presentation in detail and offered feedback to Studio B and a second presentation was scheduled.

4. After Studio B’s second presentation the Leadership Team engaged in further discussion and review and went back to Studio B with more adjustments to the plans.

5. Vietnamese Leaders invited to engage with concepts.

6. Studio B then presented third revised plans.

7. 24 KBC leaders from all three congregations and Res Committee met on July 31 to workshop the 3 concepts and provide final feedback.

8. Aug 28 Church Gathering the whole church is invited to see and prayerfully discuss the 3 concepts from Studio B with Fred Batterton, Senior Architect presenting for us.

For those who like detail and would like to have some background before the meeting, the following are provided for you to read:

  • Study Tour Report Final   (a report on mission and property in the UK Baptist scene compiled by Rev. Brent Lyons-Lee, Mission Catalyst Community Engagement & Advocacy, Baptist Union of Victoria)