Let God’s Kingdom Come!

Dear friends, our church is making a difference for God’s kingdom in this world.

Every time you pray, every time you gather with other disciples to pray, worship and serve, every time you choose to go Christ’s way, every time you give of yourself and finances to Christ’s mission, you are part of an unstoppable tsunami of believers in Jesus across the globe, advancing God’s kingdom.

Here’s why we need to persist, be faithful and not give up:

1. We’ve won. We are on the winning team: God’s team. This is not arrogance or hubris; think about it: Christ has conquered sin, death and the powers of evil. The battle is over and we are in the mopping up stage. God in His mercy and grace is allowing time for more people to respond to His invitation of love and forgiveness. And we get to hand out the invites! The world won’t end in climate catastrophe, nuclear holocaust, the sun falling from the sky or a meteor plummeting to earth. This age will end when God steps back into view and brings the fullness of His reign of righteousness, peace and joy. There will be a renewed earth and heavens, without sin, darkness or death. Hallelujah!

2. Some haven’t won yet. There are people without hope, without the light of Christ, lost, afraid and burdened by shame and guilt. God wants them too! This is why great Christian fellowship and churches that are great communities can be such a problem: we can forget about the people around us who God longs to welcome home. We have a mission given by Christ and we must take it seriously and to heart. God does.

3. Purpose and meaning. Nothing could be more worthwhile than partnering with God to see lives transformed and healed by the good news of Jesus, peace and harmony in our world, generosity and kindness abounding, and unity and friendship among all peoples. Make sure you work and energy is spent on God’s kingdom purposes and you will be most fulfilled and most satisfied.

As I look around our church I see people serving others through Love Abbotsford, visiting Carrical rooming houses, visiting the sick and shut in, being present at Highbury Common to connect with neighbours, generously giving financially to the mission and ministry of our church, sharing life and love in small groups, serving in worship teams on Sundays, kindly serving others through morning tea and supper, reaching out to new people to include them and make them welcome, opening homes for hospitality, committing regularly to gather in worship, praying for one another, putting people and God before money and status, caring for justice and the needs of the poor, and so much more! We may be one church, but we are part of an unstoppable tsunami of grace, love and justice that is God’s kingdom. As Jesus prayed, so it will come to pass: “Let your kingdom come!”

Nicholas Tuohy

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