Love One Another

I have come to the conclusion that, biblically speaking, one cannot define love. One can only experience it and point to actions and deeds as evidence of its real and concrete existence. We might be able to say what love is like, metaphorically speaking, and we may be able to adjudicate on the qualities and characteristics of love. However, we can only truly know of love’s existence by way of personal encounter. Think of love like a flame. You can see a flame though you can’t hold onto it. You can only know the effect of a flame, its heat, by experiencing it. You can read about a flame, hear about a flame, and see a flame. You can even know scientifically what constitutes a flame and what chemical processes are in play as it burns. But to really and truly know that a flame is hot, you must come near it and experience through your senses that it is so. It is similar with love. You may have seen it, heard a lot about it, even read about it. But you will never, can never, truly know love until you personally experience it.

So the question is, How does one experience love? Well, that’s the question we want to wrap our hearts and lives around this term as a church. For the year I set an over-arching theme for each term:


This term is a focus on the quality and depth of our love for one another as a church. These are the themes we will explore together across both services:

  • Love Like Jesus (Jn 15:1-17) 26 July
  • Loving the Unlovable (Lk 6:27-41) 2 Aug
  • In Love’s Debt (Rom 12:9-21; 13:8-10) 9 Aug
  • A Love that Leads to Evil (1 Tim 6:6-21) 16 Aug
  • A Church Full of Love (Col 3:1-17) 23 Aug
  • Love in Action (Jas 2:1-25) 30 Aug

Amanda and I had a really lovely break with a couple of weeks spent in Far North Queensland. It’s lovely to be back and share in the ministry of Christ with you at KBC.

Blessings, Nicholas


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