Loving Through Prayer

Clearly God’s unconditional and gracious love for you is not connected to when or how long you pray. If you love someone, however, it is natural to want to spend time with them and talk with them.

If you are finding it difficult to pray, or are praying very little, perhaps you are coming at it the wrong way. Maybe you think you SHOULD pray or you MUST pray, and therefore it becomes a duty and an obligation, not a delight. And maybe you are falsely assuming that it is your praying that makes you close to God. But what if you looked at it like this: God loves you fully and completely because of what Jesus has done for us. You could never pray again and God would not love you any less. But, how do you respond to the generous and gracious gift of God’s love and mercy in Jesus? By ignoring God? No! By enjoying this relationship of love through prayer.

And more than this, prayer offers us a beautiful way of loving others as we serve them through interceding and petitioning our God on their behalf. When you think of it like this, why wouldn’t we spend time in prayer! So, if you are currently a bit prayer-less, the problem may not be that you are not praying, but that you are not loving – not loving God who first loved you, and not loving others who would be blessed and supported by your prayers. Love always makes a way.

Nicholas Tuohy

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