May Missions

Baptist Churches join together over May to bring a greater focus on Global Mission. Put simply, the mission of the church is to invite all peoples to experience the beautiful grace and forgiveness of Jesus Christ so as to include them in God’s great plan of redemption and salvation. God calls all people into the worship and praise of His glory and magnificence and also into a united people of love, sharing in his gift of eternal life. As someone has said, “mission exists because worship doesn’t”. That is, a person who is not fully alive in worship of their creator is a person not fully alive.

Global Interaction is our national Baptist Agency with a specific focus on Global Mission. Global Interaction’s vision is to

  • Share the Gospel with nine people groups in Africa and Asia who have never heard the truth of Jesus in a way that makes sense to them and see growing, vibrant faith communities established.
  • Engage you and your church in cross-cultural mission. We provide resources to inspire and educate you about local and global mission. We share opportunities to support our ministry through praying, giving and going to serve with us.

As a Church we encourage our people to give toward global mission work, over and above our usual gigvny, during May. Envelopes are aviaable on SUndays, or you can give directly by going here:

Give to Global Interaction


Global Interaction have put our some great resources for May Mission and you can access them here:

May Mission Resources

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