Mission update from Mat Hunter

1961674_764340310264014_2842373006807013582_oAs some of you may know, over the past few years the Lord has been developing in me an interest in seeing the Gospel spread among unreached peoples of the world. I would almost go so far as to say that it is now a passion of my heart! To the point where I cannot think of anything more worth doing with my life than seeing Jesus introduced to people around the world who have never heard of him. Wow! Where did that come from?

In a few months (end of June) I will be heading  to Chad for 18months, to join a team who are working with the Arabs in that area, loving, serving, getting to know them, and being and sharing Jesus with them. I hope to return there more permanently after this initial 18months.

The gospel really is good news when its translated into someone’s mother tongue, so because of this, I will be focusing a lot on learning the local Arabic dialect! I will be undergoing some study to help learn more about the culture which is very important. (We should never assume to know what is best for someone else especially if we don’t understand them.) I will also be getting involved in helping the community through teaching English and improving peoples employment skills.

If you’d like to find out more about what God’s calling me to in Chad, if you’d like to receive regular updates on what is happening, or if you’d like to help me out financially, enabling me to go, please get in contact with me.

At the Global Mission Team meeting in March, agreement was reached to raise funds for Mat during May, aiming for $5,000, and to use this as a catalyst for ongoing support. We encourage you to give towards this by marking gifts to “Chad Mission”. We also encourage individuals to prayerfully consider pledging ongoing financial support for Mat’s 18 month term.


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