Music Team


The music team enriches our worship with a strong contemporary emphasis in the 10am and NightChurch meetings.

Sometimes our music is simple.
Sometimes our music is extravagant.

Regardless, we hope that our worship of Christ is honest, deliberate, free and consistent. Our music hopefully reflects the personalities of the individuals making it.

Our NightChurch music team released their debut EP “Daughters and Sons” in November 2019. Click here for more details (including streaming links and chord charts).

Outside of Sundays, we run occasional ‘Worship Jam’ nights on Thursdays – an opportunity for KBC musicians to hang out, jam, and make music to God together. It’s a chance to workshop songs, learn new repertoire, and also welcome newcomers to the music team.

We have also been running monthly ‘Worship & Prayer Nights’ on alternate Thursdays, creating an open and informal space for worship in song and prayer together – an opportunity to slow down and seek God afresh. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the latest dates!