NightChurch Crew and New Time 2014


Over the past couple of years, pastors and interns have prayed about and considered the next steps for the ministry of NightChurch. Through this discernment and searching, there has been a felt need for a group of NightChurch specific leaders, for the purposes of pastoral and spiritual care and oversight of the NC congregation, as well as leadership in particular areas of the congregation. NightChurch Crew has emerged as a new approach to providing spiritual oversight of NightChurch. There are many in leadership at NightChurch already as small group leaders, worship leaders, service leaders, Global Mission Team members, and ad hoc and spontaneous leaders who just get people together, start new things and get things done.

NightChurch Crew is bringing together these people and roles: Lauren Morgan (Music), Mel Hill (Service Leading and Prayer), Caz James (Prayer), Simon Pickering  & Luke Gibbons (Guys Ministry), Kate Steel (Girls Ministry), Matt Hill (Social Engagement), Mat Hunter & Crispin Newmarch (Community Engagement), Kyle & Jane Horton (Discipleship), James & Coby Docking (Couples Ministry), Laura Baker (Catalyst Group & Social Justice). We want to make it easier and more clear how and who people talk to in order get involved in these things. Participation and Community are big values for NightChurch.

A proposal that has been bubbling for a while is a change of time for NightChurch. There have been a number of conversations around the lateness of NightChurch and the difficulty, especially for those working Mondays, of having late nights on Sunday. People really desire time after the service to catch up and hang out and this can be limited by the lateness of the service. A number of times have been thrown around such as 4:30, 5, 5:30, 6 etc, but we would love to have a trial starting in January kicking off at 5:30pm. This would mean the service goes from 5:30-7pm and then people are encouraged to go out in groups for dinner/supper, catch up with Res students for dinner there, and now and then we want to have a meal of some sort in the hall. The upside is more time to nurture community and friendships, the possibility of young families coming along, and earlier night for those working/studying.

This is not set in stone and we are going to trial it for the first 3 months of 2014. We would love feedback and input.  But mark the date and be praying for the change.

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