NightChurch News, 1 March

THIS WEEK @ NIGHTCHURCH: Nicholas Tuohy will be preaching on ‘Miracles, Prayer & Spiritual Gifts’. Mary-Anne Philip is leading the service, Luke Evans is organising the music team, Phil Prior is on audio/data, Amy Hunter will lead in prayer, Will & Katie-Ann Baird will be providing supper, and Rachael Atkinson is convening. Thanks everyone.

 CHURCH. WHAT’S THE POINT?: The church is irrelevant. It’s clearly corrupt. The church offers nothing of value to the world. These are fairly common sentiments. But have you ever heard anything positive about the church in the media? Can it be that bad? What do you actually know about the church? Actually, what’s the point of the church – or, what is it? Over the next several weeks at NightChurch we will look at what Jesus intended for the church and why he called it into being:

  1. The Mission of Jesus
  2. The Message of Jesus
  3. The Method of Jesus’ Transformation of Humanity
  4. The Model of Jesus’ New Community

But perhaps you have some questions or issues you want to raise. We would love to hear from you. Just email or message – or even talk to one of our pastors, either Nicholas or Paul.

KEW STUDENT RESIDENCE: The Kew Student Residence is a 50 bed hostel out the back of Kew Baptist Church, which provides year-long accommodation for tertiary students from out of Melbourne. The Student Res opened last weekend, and so from Sunday 1 March, a number of Res students will begin attending NightChurch regularly. Even if you haven’t been attending NightChurch for very long, and still feel like you’re getting used to the church, please keep in mind that these new students are even newer to NightChurch than you! They may feel pretty intimidated for the first few weeks, and tend to huddle together in the pews. Please let me encourage you to walk on over and say hello, welcome them to NightChurch and get to know them a bit. While the new students may seem totally comfortable without you getting involved, a regular comment of Res students later in the year is how important it was being welcomed by others from NightChurch in the first few weeks. Please also pray for the new students as they settle in to life in Kew, and for the members of the House (Rachel B, Sam T, Graeme Y, Bree M and Janine H), and the Residence staff (Stephen and Anouchka and Simon P, Marny C, Rachael A) as they support and look after the students.

PRAYER BREAKFASTS: A reminder that we are running a weekly Prayer Breakfast on Tuesday mornings, 7-8am in The Lounge (upstairs in the hall). Put it in your schedule and start the day with worship, prayer, food and friends at KBC.

 WORKING BEE: The next church working bee will be held on Saturday 14 March, 8am-12pm. Even if you can just get along for an hour, any help would be appreciated! More details to come.


TITHING: A reminder that you can give your weekly offering via direct debit to the church account.


That’s all for this edition of NightChurch News – Steve Pattison.

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