NightChurch News 1 September

THIS WEEK @ NIGHTCHURCH: We continue our Revelation series with Paul Pallot preaching on the letter to Philadelphia. Mel Hill is leading the service, Jono Newmarch is organising the music team, Will Baird is convening, Jacob Taylor and Garrett Kaess are on audio/data, and Laura Baker is providing supper. Thanks everyone.

POLITICAL FORUM CANCELLED: Unfortunately the KBC Political Forum scheduled for Thursday 29 August has been cancelled, as we were unable to confirm a full panel of political representatives in order to run the event.

LOVE ABBOTSFORD II: Love Abbotsford is back again! Please join us on Saturday 31 August as we spread the love to the housing estates on Hoddle Street. As a church, we want to show practical love to those living on the housing estates by providing the kids there with some fun and entertainment on Saturday. We’ll run a BBQ, play basketball and soccer, have live music, and some fun stuff (balloon animals? facepainting?) to entertain the younger children. If you can help for all or part of the day, that would be great! And if you have any other fun ideas of things we could do, please let us know! Contact Paul Pallot for more information.

NOW SHOWING: ‘Now Showing’ is a series looking at the key topics of Christianity. There will be short films made by members of the congregation as well as discussion led by Laura and Mat. The evenings will run fortnightly on Mondays at 7.30pm, held in the church hall. For more details please call Laura or Mat. Coming up:

  • Sept 2: Lord of the Kings – Life of Jesus
  • Sept 16: Good News Hunting – Jesus’ Teachings
  • Sept 30: P.S. He Loves You – Grace and Forgiveness
  • Oct 14: The God, Father – Religion vs. Relationship with God
  • Oct 28: New Bourne Identity – How God Changes our Lives

KEWMUNITY OF WOMEN: For the month of September, Kewmunity of Women will be looking at the topic of sexuality. We will be having weekly discussions including topics on glorifying God in singleness, dating and marriage; sexual sin and God’s grace; purity in a sex saturated culture; and we will also have a question and answer night on the final week. This is open to all women, please feel free to invite your (girl)friends! If you’re interested, please contact Laura Baker for more details or join the Kewmunity of Women group on Facebook!

SHERWIN MARIANO: On Friday evening, the Kew Baptist Church Catalyst Group hosted an evening where Sherwin Mariano from the Philippines came and spoke to a group about his life and how God transformed it. Sherwin was sponsored by International Needs and came to know Jesus in that time. At the age of nineteen, Sherwin’s parents abandoned him and his 5 other siblings. He wanted to run away and pursue his university studies, but he felt like God was telling him to stay and look after his siblings. His sister came back and abandoned her 3 young children to Sherwin. So Sherwin was looking after a family of 8 others as well as trying to go to University. He spoke of God’s grace, trusting in God and finding forgiveness for his parents through the name of Jesus. It was so inspiring to hear his story and learn about his ministry in the Philippines called Vineyard of His Grace Ministries. If you’re interested in sponsoring a child from the Philippines, please feel free to contact International Needs on 03 9877 7177 and say that you heard about Sherwin Mariano through Kew Baptist Church.

HOSPITALITY LUNCHES: Sunday 15 September. Once or twice a year we try to give everyone an invitation to lunch in people’s homes following the morning service. It is a great opportunity to meet new people and get to know each other better across both morning and evening congregations. Make sure you sign up to be involved! Could you offer your home and host a group? If so, please indicate how many guests you could manage. PLEASE keep the date free and plan to take part. Want to know more? Contact Deirdre Willis.

PRAYER: The House is hosting prayer time at 7am on weekdays – anyone is welcome!

NIGHTCHURCH CAMP IS COMING UP! The weekend will be from Friday 18 October to Sunday 20 October. We are currently searching for a place to stay. If anyone has a beach house or knows of a good camping ground please let either Paul or Laura know so we can secure a place soon. Put the date in your diary as we want to get as many people as we can to enjoy a weekend away together!

SHUT UP & LISTEN: How can we maintain a relationship with God in an age of noise? Shut Up & Listen is a series running on Thursday nights in August, providing a space for young adults to come together and discover how Christian Spirituality can deepen their relationship with God. The sessions run from 7-9pm at Ashburton Baptist Church, the cost is $10 per night. Coming up:

  • August 29: Consume/Create (Ann Lock & Narelle Stephens)

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: Ask Bob Rankin at contains a great deal of useful information about computer related issues and other technical topics.

That’s all for this edition of NightChurch News – Steve Pattison.