NightChurch News 15 April

15 April 2012

Caz James and Reuben Langerak will be baptised on Sunday evening, 7pm, 15 April. Please be in prayer for them in their ongoing journey with Christ. We will hear from them in Sharing our Stories of Faith. Naomi Rock is leading, Grace Lawry is coordinating the music, Laura Holley is the convener, Phil Prior and Tim Gray are on audio/data, and Steph Millar and the House are providing supper.


  • Please be in prayer for the Christianity Explored series – it could be life-changing for many people, but will only be effective if God is at the helm. If you want to help (welcomers, helpers, setting up, packing up, catering and, most important, praying) contact Nicholas,, 0413 132 108. See
  • Who will you invite to come to Christianity Explored? Friends, family, fellow work colleagues or students, neighbours, others? Please pray about this and issue invitations. Some may say yes, even if lots say no. And please be in prayer about the whole series, which starts on May 8.
  • Laura Baker noted last Sunday night that teachers of English are needed for short-term visits to China. Please contact her.
  • ABORIGINAL FOCUS NIGHT, arranged by the Mission, Aid and Development Group, 7.30pm, Thursday 19 April in the hall, with Tanya Pell, Emily Fox and others speaking of their experiences in Aboriginal communities. Book it in to the phones/diaries now! It was good to hear a little from Tanya Pell last Sunday. Please pray for her, Stuart and Aboriginal Christians at Amata. Do you want to know more? Come along.
  • HOSPITALITY LUNCHES, 29 April. This is when everyone in the church is invited out for lunch, and is great for getting to know some people from other KBC congregations. When you receive an invitation, please respond quickly, preferably with a ‘Yes, and what would you like me to bring?” Any info from Deirdre Willis, or if by chance you miss out on an invitation, speak to her.
  • STATE YOUTH GAMES, June 8-11. If you would like to be involved, speak with Ash Moore.
  • SALSA DANCE LESSONS. Jono Davenport and Dan Lansdown are going on Thursdays. Beginners classes are free, 6pm. See Jono Davenport for info. See