NightChurch News 15 July

THIS SUNDAY: Jane Horton is leading the service and Andy Mitchell will bring us the final message in the Reason for God series, speaking on: ‘Isn’t the Bible just out of date?’ Corey Leslie is organising the music team, Kyle Horton will lead in prayer, Phil Prior and James Hayes are on audio/data, and Callan Stephen is bringing supper. Thanks everyone.

NEW SERIES: Over Term 3 we are going to drill down into the Holy Spirit and seek a deeper understanding and experience of the work of the Spirit. Some people have been posing questions which is great. If you have a question, thought or issue you would like addressed in the series, send it to Nicholas via SMS or email. We will then seek to raise and discuss and hopefully answer your questions and issues.

FAITH AND SCIENCE: (from Nicholas) Here are a few links that I said I would post after the ‘Faith and Science’ theme. Obviously it is a very broad topic so apologies if your particular question or issue was not covered. But do some more exploration yourself with these links:


  • We’re putting together a team of welcomers in order to better care for new people looking to be connected in our community. If you’re interested in being a part of this team, contact Paul Pallot.
  • Phil Prior will be leading the Tech Team in a training time on Sunday 29 July, 2-4pm in the church. The current audio/data team will meet for this, and if any others are interested in helping out in this area, please come along. If you want to know more speak with Phil.

CONGRATULATIONS: We extend our congratulations to Romona Byrne and Luke Boswell who have announced their engagement. We wish you every happiness and blessing at this exciting time.

YOUNG ADULTS CAMP: The NightChurch team is thinking about the Young Adults Camp. Do you know a property with access to a kitchen, room for people to sleep (indoors, in tents), relatively cheap, and at a suitable location? The possibilities at the moment include October/November this year, or early 2013. If you know of a suitable spot, contact Corey Leslie. 

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: Beautiful Fierce at is the blog of Carrie Hagan. Carrie is a Christian and she mainly writes about issues in our society that are relevant to women however some of the articles are appropriate for both genders.