NightChurch News 17 March

THIS WEEK @ NIGHTCHURCH: Naomi Rock is leading the service and Stephen Chatelier will continue our series on prayer, with “Why I Still Pray”. Grace Lawry is organising the music team, Jane Horton will lead in prayer, Laura Baker is convening, Phil Prior and Jadon Dutra are on audio/data, and Bec Paterson is providing supper. Thanks everyone.

EASTER @ KBC: Easter is fast approaching and there are heaps of events to get involved with at KBC during Easter week. One of these is the Passover Dinner on Tuesday 26 March, 7-9pm in the hall. This is a re-enactment of the Jewish Passover meal, in relation to how it foreshadows the coming of Christ. The cost of the dinner is $20 per person (or student concession $15) and you can sign up this Sunday night or book through the church office:

 Here’s a quick overview of Easter Week at KBC:

  • Sun 24: Palm Sunday Family Service, 10am (NightChurch as usual at 7pm)
  • Mon-Fri: Readings, worship and prayer in the church building, 7-7.30am
  • Tue 26: Passover Dinner, 7-9pm ($20/15pp)
  • Wed 27: Melbourne Singers Recital with Ian Lowe, 7.30pm
  • Thur 28: Maundy Thursday Candlelight Service, 7.30pm
    • [there will also be a screening of The Passion of the Christ at Matt Hill’s house afterwards]
  • Fri 29: Good Friday service, 9.30am
  • Sun 31: Easter Sunday services, 10am & 7pm

SMALL GROUPS: As part of our Servolution event last week, Wendy Henry (our new pastor for Small Groups & Pastoral Care) spoke about the value and importance of being a part of a small group. Purple sign-up cards were distributed for people to register their interest in joining and/or leading a group. These cards will be available next Sunday as well, so please remember to sign up if you haven’t already! You can also contact the church office for further information.

CHURCH DIRECTORY: A vital part of any healthy community is communication and one of the ways we facilitate this as a church community is by compiling a church directory, so as to make it easier to keep in touch with each other. We are in the process of collecting updated details for the 2013 church directory. If you want to be included in the directory, please make sure you fill in one of the purple cards this Sunday. If you cannot be at church to fill in a card, please advise the church office:

GUILTY PLEASURE: Guilty Pleasure is a charity focused on educating people about the harmful effects of pornography and connecting those who are addicted to it with professional help. Two events are coming up on Saturday 16 March, featuring Dr William Struthers and Dr Allan Meyer:

UPPER ROOM: What if we just obeyed Jesus when he said “Pray”? No analysis, rationalising, obfuscating, avoiding or denying. Just pray. But how do we pray? Practice. You learn by doing. Our first prayer: “Lord, teach us to pray”. End of lesson, beginning of the journey in prayer. So what if I come and nothing happens? What if we sit there in awkward self-conscious silence? What if things get weird? Just pray. Intentionally decide and choose to seek God. No agenda but God. This is the vision of Upper Room. Thursday 21 March, 8pm, Velvet Lounge (upstairs in the hall). And God-willing, monthly or more after that. “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.  I will be found by you,” declares the LORD…” (Jer 29:12–14).

POSSUMS/CHURCH WORKING BEE: Saturday 23 March, 8am-12pm. It’d be great to have a strong showing from the NightChurch crew – whether you can be there for the whole morning or even just an hour, we’d love your help. So come along and lend a hand!

CARRICAL BBQ: Once a month a team from KBC puts on a BBQ dinner at Carrical Rooming House in Hawthorn (18 Mason St) – they bring along some food and spend time with the guys there, getting to know them and forming relationships with people in our local community. The next BBQ is happening on Saturday 23 March. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Grace Loh.

RELAY FOR LIFE: The Res is registering a team for Relay for Life (March 23-24) – this is a fantastic cause and a great opportunity to come together as a community. If you’d like to be a part of the KBC team, simply register through the website: (team name is ‘Kew Baps’, location is Hawthorn). Donations can also be made online. For more details, contact Graeme Younger.

FUNDRAISER: There are still some beautiful candles for sale at the church ($4 each) to raise money for the work of Leena Lavanya with ServeTrust. Available from the church office or after the service on Sunday night.

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: In a previous edition of NightChurch News I featured the home page for Good God Recording Studio at which was a recording studio based in Adelaide for Christian musicians. Since then the home page has been completely redesigned. this home page has information about many Christian musicians and bands from South Australia as well as free music from some of the artists available to download.