NightChurch News 22 January

SUNDAY NIGHT, 22 January: Andy Mitchell is leading our service, when we will highlight the experiences of those who have been at camps and missions. Nicholas will speak. Corey Leslie is coordinating the music, Callan Stephen will bring supper and Andy Mitchell is the convener.

MAT HUNTER: “Yeh, it’s going well thus far. I haven’t made it to Niger yet. I’ve been spending time in Kenya with Tim and currently in Ghana. Will probably get to Niger in a few weeks and I’ll send an update of everything then when I’m established etc. So far, enjoyed the basic Kenyan life, staying in mud huts and eating mangos. Pretty hot though.”


  • CARRICAL BBQ, Saturday 28 Jan, 4.30pm, 18 Mason St, Hawthorn.
  • BOOST YOUTH RESUMES, Friday 3 Feb, 7pm. If you would like to help, talk to James or Coby Docking.
  • STUDENT RESIDENCE WORKING BEE, Sat 4 February, 9am—12, with breakfast provided. For catering advise Michelle Duke.
  • SUNDAY SCHOOL RESUMES, Sunday 5 Feb. Jenn Trevaskis would love to hear if can help, especially during term 1.
  • RES CELEBRATION: Student Residence 50 Year Celebration, 11-12 February.  There will be a Sunday morning service and a picnic as part of the celebration, 10am, 12 February.
  • STUDENT RESIDENCE OPENING: Just a week after the big celebration, the students move in. And we will hold a lunch and church service at 12.15/1.15pm on Sunday 19 February. Salads for lunch would be welcome.
  • BOYS HANGTIME, 23 Feb, BBQ, Frisbee, worship time and looking at what it means to be a Christian man. See Andy Mitchell.

CHURCH CAMP MARCH 9-12, Anglesea. At this stage we’re trying to plan for two options in terms of length of stay, so that the fees can be a bit cheaper and more NC people can make it. Keep in mind that there are a number of Morning Church people who will often pay to ensure us NightChurchers can be there, so money needn’t be a concern. For those of us who might not be so keen, I’d challenge you to think about the fact that our community does not exist so that we might be served, but rather for us to serve in it. Think not what this camp can do for you, but what you can do for this camp! On that note, if people have ideas of things they’d like to see happen, Kez Pell is the person to contact.

EXPLORING BAPTISM – we plan to have discussions about Baptism, at a time and dates set by the participants. If you are interested in exploring the possibilities, contact Andy Mitchell.