NightChurch News 27 May 2012

NIGHTCHURCH, Sunday 27 May: Em Fox is leading and Susan Campbell will speak on Moved by the Need, Matthew 9:35-38. Grace Lawry is coordinating the music team, Chris Pickering will lead us in prayer, Andy Mitchell is the convener, Zach Moore and Amy Williams are on audio/data and Natalie Pell will bring supper.

THANKS: Thanks to all who came to the Church Discernment Gathering on Sunday afternoon. It was a good time of interaction and prayer which involved people from both congregations. Special thanks to those who organised the meal and brought food. Thanks Grace Leslie!

GIVING: In May we want to donate $5000 in support of mission—helping to buy a car for an amazing ministry on some islands north of Australia where people who have never heard the good news of Jesus are hearing it for the first time, and supporting the internship of Sarah Trebilcock with Global Interaction and Kew Baptist Church.

The Global Interaction appeal envelopes are in the pews – you can put cash in and stick it down, or ask for direct debit or give by credit card. Please be generous.

We will have a special offering this Sunday and next.


  • Sarah Carlisle is heading to Cambodia for 6 weeks over June/July to volunteer with a social enterprise involved in nutrition.  The business is called So! Nutritious and is a contact of Global Interaction in Cambodia. Sarah writes: “I just wanted to ask the church to pray and to thank God for what He is opening up. Doors have opened to go so easily and it’s exciting to see what lies ahead.”
  • From Joshi Philip: We had a great time visiting Richy up at the Kellehers’ place in Mansfield. Thanks to the Lansdowns, the Allens, Kew Bikers Club and the 34 people that were there for dinner! (This is a good reminder to pray for those who have been part of NC, but have moved on to other areas/work/study etc.)
  • From Katie Adams: Just a quick hello from Canada. Life here so far is going well. It has been cold, hot, overcast and snowy-typical May weather for planting. Running headfirst into almost blizzards has been a kind reminder of what’s to come 🙂 Missing Kew like crazy, but so aware of what’s going on here and how much God just loves these people too! I have a few prayer requests when you have a moment:
    • My back is pretty messed up. My lower back muscles specifically have been giving me grief for the past year and this job, being so physically demanding, isn’t the greatest for it. It definitely hinders my ability to work as hard as I’d like, so I really need God to have his hand over that.
    • Intentional relationships. There is such a huge need for people to know God here. Simple as that. Pray that I can be a vessel for Him. This is my greatest desire in being here this year.
    • Community. I have been lucky enough to end up in a camp with a few pretty solid Christians. I’ve had the privilege of praying for one girl already over some heart stuff, and I’d love this to continue. Also, had the chance to go to church this morning which was great.


  • COUNSELLING: From Kate Steel: “I am currently studying my Masters in Clinical Psychology at Cairnmillar Institute in Camberwell. Myself along with roughly 10 others are all registered as provisional psychologists and offer low-cost psychology consultations. We are all supervised by fully registered psychologists who we meet with weekly to discuss the best way to go about further sessions. To see a provisional psychologist at Cairnmillar it will cost you $20. If this price is too high, you will not be refused. Speak to reception and tell them that you cannot afford to pay. We cover a range of issues including anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, loss and grief, relationship issues, self esteem and much more. If you want to know more about the service please contact Cairnmillar:
  • PASTORAL VISITING TRAINING: Jenni Cronshaw, of Auburn Baptist Church, is a Chaplain with Baptcare, providing pastoral care to elderly people in their own homes. Baptcare is offering training and opportunities for pastoral visitation ministry in your local area with support and supervision from Jenni. An information session will be held at Canterbury Baptist at 12 midday to 1pm on Sunday June 3. A light lunch will be provided. For more info, contact Jenni.
  • EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: Info from Bec Paterson:  Lake Camp Manager – Coolamatong Campsites. A full-time Campsite Manager position exists with Scripture Union Victoria as part of the camping team, at Coolamatong (15 minutes south of Bairnsdale). The person in this position will be responsible for the programming and delivery of all camping activities on the Coolamatong Lake Camp during the year, reporting to the State Camping Manager