NightChurch News 28 April

THIS WEEK @ NIGHTCHURCH: Ella Henry is leading the service as Paul Pallot and Pieter Keuneman explore further themes of worship. Jono Newmarch and Kate Steel are organising the music team, Caz James will lead in prayer, Paul Pallot is convening, Zach Moore and Jadon Dutra are on audio/data, and Callan Stephen is providing supper. Thanks everyone.

LOVE ABBOTSFORD: On Saturday 4 May from about 11am-5pm, NightChurch will be hitting the housing flats of Abbotsford to spread love with the residents. We’ll be running a delicious free BBQ, providing some sweet live music and providing an entertaining basketball tournament. But to manage any of this, we’re going to need YOUR help! Whether you can come along for just an hour or two, or the whole day, here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Basketball referees
  • Basketball scorers
  • Basketball “crowd control”
  • BBQ manager (Pieter Keuneman will help to organise)
  • BBQ assistants
  • First Aid personnel
  • Musical coordinator (Pieter will assist with PA equipment etc)
  • Musicians
  • General friendly people to talk to residents!

We’d also love it if you have any other ideas you want to add to the Love Abbotsford Day atmosphere that you think would work well with the high school aged kids (mainly) and especially girls who may not really be into basketball and might want something to do. The sky’s the limit! Whether you can help out for part of the day or the whole thing, we’d love you to be involved! Contact Paul Pallot or Pieter Keuneman if you want to sign up! 

SOCIAL EVENTS: Matt Hill is starting up a committee to help organise fun social events for NightChurch – opportunities to hang out, meet new people, and get to know each other outside of Sunday nights. If you are interested in being involved with organising these events, please contact Matt.

NIGHTCHURCH CAFÉ: Concerned that you struggle to get to NightChurch on time? Want to catch up with your friends before the church service so that you can meet new people after the service? Need a mild caffeine hit at about 6.30pm on Sunday? NightChurch Cafe will be serving delicious instant hot beverages before church, from 6.30pm, to give you plenty of generous pre-service mingling time so that by 7pm you’re ready to worship God at church with all you’ve got!

KEW FOOTY: Want to play footy for Kew Baps on Sunday 19 May? Contact Jono Newmarch for more details.

AUDIO/DATA TRAINING: Phil Prior is running a training session for the audio/data team on Sunday 5 May at 3pm. If you are currently on the audio/data roster, or interested in getting involved, please mark the date in your diary and plan to be there! Worship leaders are also invited to come along at 3.45pm to learn about setting up and packing up the audio equipment for the band.


  • Mustard Roundtable: Wednesday 24 April, 7.30pm at NewHope Baptist Church (Blackburn) on the theme ‘Psychs, Students and the place of Spirituality’. An open and interactive discussion where people who care about teenagers can gather and think about how to respond to the mental health issues that young people face, and consider the place of spirituality. Free admission.
  • Girls’ Zumba: Saturday 27 April at 11.30am in the church hall. Shehara is running a Zumba session for us! All girls welcome – and this is a great event to invite your friends along to as well. We will also go out for lunch together afterwards. Hope to see you there!
  • Carrical BBQ: Saturday 27 April. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Grace Loh. 

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: This week I thought I’d feature a video – The Rob Buckingham Story. Melbourne pastor Rob Buckingham talks about his conversion from atheism to Christianity. The video goes for just over 43 minutes and is a powerful testimony of God’s power to transform people. Watch the video at