NightChurch News, 4 October

This Week @ NightChurch

We are having a Prayer & Worship Night: ‘Invitation to the Thirsty’. In place of our conventional service structure, there will be space for reflection, worship in song, scripture readings, and prayer together. We encourage you to arrive in time for the 5:30pm start, and to come prepared to enter into this space of worship.

Amy Hunter is leading the service, Lauren Morgan is organising the music team, Stefan van Boxtel and Anita Pallot are on audio/data, Mel Hill will lead in prayer, Bree Monahan will be providing supper, Naomi Rock and James Docking will be available for prayer after the service, and Sam Taylor is convening. Thanks everyone.


Term 4 Series: Fruitfulness on the Frontlines

How can we be fruitful in our faith? How can we show and share Christ’s wisdom and love with the people we meet out in the places we usually find ourselves – at the shops or at university, at work or at home? The Fruitfulness on the Frontline series will offer a fresh, simple framework for discovering a rich variety of ways in which God may work in us and through us right where we are.

In Term 4 we are inviting both Morning Church and NightChurch to participate together in a very practical, empowering and valuable series. Your Frontline is the place(s) where you spend significant time through the week in contact with non-Christians. Over 8 weeks we will explore the following:

4/10           The Big Picture: What does it mean that Jesus is Lord over all?

11/10         Model Godly Character: Cultivating the fruit of the Spirit in our lives

18/10         Making Good Work: Contributing to human flourishing

25/10         Ministering Grace & Love: Showing care and compassion to others

01/11         Moulding Culture: Living our kingdom values in influential ways

08/11         Mouthpiece for Truth & Justice: Speaking out against unfairness

15/11         Messenger of the Gospel: Sharing what Jesus has done in your life

22/11         The Journey On: Bringing it all together

The first and last sessions are to be engaged just in Small Groups, while the middle 6 sessions will take place on Sundays and Small Group sessions midweek. We are encouraging all current Small Groups to use the DVD and follow up material, and we will form new groups as needed for the series. Each session includes an 8-13 minute film, a Bible study, discussion questions and a takeaway action to help connect the theme to your frontline.  The Discussion Guide is available in the church foyer. You can also join a Small Group just for the series too.


Suffering & the God Question: Conference for Believers and Sceptics

Evil and suffering have accompanied humanity for centuries. Does this depressing reality mean that God doesn’t exist? Or that, if he exists, he is a cruel God? “The problem of evil and suffering” is an enormous barrier to belief and the cause of many doubts, even for those who have faith in God. This conference invites you to attend two major events where these problems will be tackled head on:

  • Friday 9 October, 7-9pm: A lecture and conversation with Dr John Dickson, moderated by award-winning investigative journalist, Rafael Epstein (Melbourne City Conference Centre, Swanston St)
  • Saturday 10 October, 10am-4pm: A series of Plenary talks by Dr John Dickson followed by workshops in three streams (The Scots’ Church, Collins St)

For more details (including tickets and registration), please visit the following link:


Term 4 Roster

The master worship roster for Term 4 is now available to view online: Please search carefully through the document to find your name wherever it appears and mark the dates in your diary. If you are unable to fulfil one of your roles, please arrange a swap with someone else on the roster, and then advise the church office of the change.


Daylight Saving

Don’t forget that daylight saving starts this Sunday. Clocks should be put forward one hour on Saturday night to avoid any confusion on Sunday morning!



Mission Prayer Breakfast

We run a weekly Mission Prayer Breakfast on Tuesday mornings, 7-8am in The Lounge (upstairs in the hall). We are serving porridge (delicious!) as part of breakfast – something to warm you up before you face the rest of the day. Don’t miss out! Remember you can also join our 5pm prayer gathering on Sundays before the service in the church building.



A reminder that you can give your offering via direct transfer to the church account.


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