NightChurch News 5 August

THIS SUNDAY: Naomi Rock is leading the service and we will be starting our series on the Holy Spirit, with Nicholas Tuohy speaking on ‘Holy Spirit in the Hebrew Bible’. Joshi Philip is organising the music team, Tom Holley will lead in prayer, Andy Mitchell is convening, Zach Moore and Cail Rayment are on audio/data, and Tom and Laura Holley are providing supper. Thanks everyone.

HOLY SPIRIT SERIES: Here are a few books that might be helpful as we work through our series on the Holy Spirit:

  • ‘Forgotten God’ by Francis Chan
  • ‘Spirit Rising: Tapping into the Power of the Holy Spirit’ by Jim Cymbala
  • ‘Word + Spirit = Power’ by R.T. Kendall, Charles Carrin, Jack Taylor
  • ‘Engaging with the Holy Spirit’ by Graham Cole
  • ‘Discovering the Holy Spirit in the New Testament’ by Keith Warrington

‘Forgotten God’ and ‘Discovering the Holy Spirit in the New Testament’ are both available from the church for just $10 and $5 respectively. See Laura Holley on Sunday night to get your copies!

CHANGES TO EMAIL: Over the next few weeks we will be introducing some new things regarding our email communication. As many of the same people are on both the prayer and bulletin email lists, we will now be distributing the same content in one email, rather than two. We will also be starting a new “Prayer Alert” email list, for sending out more immediate requests that come in from people. If you would like to receive these alerts, or if you would like to opt out of the bulletin/prayer email, please advise the church office. Over time these lists have grown to have around 200 people each and we understand that it may no longer be of need to you to receive them.

TEA FUNDRAISER: An opportunity has arisen to support the ministry of Mukti in India and the education of girls in Nepal through purchasing a box of tea (100 bags) for $5. It is awesome tea, so instead of buying a box of Lipton at Coles or Safeway, why not see Jacquie Johnson or Nicholas Tuohy this Sunday and stock up on some Mountain Blend! Nicholas will have lots available to buy after the morning service, and Jacquie, after the night service.

PREACHING CLASS: Nicholas is running a workshop to give some tools in how to prepare and deliver talks and messages. Sessions will be held on Sundays at 4.30-6pm in the Velvet Lounge, running from August 5-26. Book your place with Nicholas ASAP.

DONATING BLOOD: Mel Hill is organising a group from NightChurch to give blood on Wednesday 8 August, meeting at the Bourke St Donor Centre at 11.45am. Everyone is welcome!

FURNITURE WANTED: A member of the Vietnamese congregation is setting up a new home and is in need of basic furniture. If you have any spare furniture you can offer (e.g. bed, sofa etc.), please contact Pastor Khoi Doan.

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: At you can download some versions of the Bible for free as MP3 audio files. They also have other free Christian audio files as well as audio content that you can purchase if you would like to.