NightChurch News 6 October

THIS WEEK @ NIGHTCHURCH: Dan Follent is leading the service as we welcome guest speaker Rhys Bezzant to share with us. Katie Adams is organising the music team, Mel Hill will lead in prayer, Laura Baker is convening, Zach Moore and James Hayes are on audio/data, and Sarah Powys and Pri Van Brummelen are providing supper. Thanks everyone.

MELBOURNE TRUTH LAB: This Thursday night, Shane Claiborne (author of The Irresistible Revolution) will be speaking on “Another Way of Doing Life”. Christians are meant to be radical non-conformists, interrupting the patterns of our world with prophetic imagination – a holy counterculture. Shane will share stories of contemporary communities who are living with beautiful creativity and sometimes getting in a little trouble for it. After all, the Kingdom of God is not just something we hope for when we die, but something that we are to bring on earth as it is in heaven. Let’s turn off our TVs, pick up our Bibles, and rethink the way we live. Thursday 3 October, 7pm at NewHope Baptist (Blackburn). Tickets $10 at door.

LOVE ABBOTSFORD III: By special demand, Love Abbotsford is back again, and it’s coming up this Sunday 6 October! It may feel like we were just there, but it’s time to return, build on the connections we’ve started to make, and provide our best day yet! As per last time, we’ll be hosting a BBQ, playing basketball and soccer, providing some sweet live music and kids’ activities, as a way to show the love of Jesus to the community at the Hoddle St Housing Flats. This time we’re going for a Sunday afternoon, as we’ve been told that this will be a great day for contacting as many young people as possible, so it’s likely to be our biggest LA yet! If you’d like to be involved, please contact Paul Pallot or simply RSVP to the Facebook event!

NIGHTCHURCH CAMP: Coming up soon on Friday 18 October – Sunday 20 October. We’ll be heading down to Inverloch for the weekend to get stuck into some swimming, surfing, beach soccer/Frisbee, camp-site relaxation, pleasant walks and basically any fun activity you can think of, as well as exploring what our true identity is! Cost is only $40 (that’s seriously cheap), so block out the weekend for good times!

PREACHING CLASS: Would you like to learn more about preaching and teaching the Bible? The last few years we have run a course which looks at:

  • Some of the biblical assumptions behind why preach and the different dimensions to preaching
  • How to ‘exegete’ or understand and interpret a biblical text in its context
  • Exegeting culture and society in regards to biblical themes
  • Practical tips on speaking in public such as style, vocal techniques, overcoming nerves, etc.

For those who would like, there are some actual preaching opportunities that will flow out of the course. Dates: Sundays Oct 20 to Nov 10, 4.30-6pm in the Velvet Lounge. Please register your interest direct with Nicholas Tuohy.

CONGRATULATIONS to Phil & Felicia Prior who have announced that they are having a baby! May God bless you both at this special time.

RES SUPPORT STAFF: The Student Res is looking for support staff for next year. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Steve & Anouchka Chatelier:, 9853 5402.

NOW SHOWING: ‘Now Showing’ is a series looking at the key topics of Christianity. There will be short films made by members of the congregation as well as discussion led by Laura and Mat. The evenings will run fortnightly on Mondays at 7.30pm, held in the church hall. For more details please call Laura or Mat. Coming up:

  • Oct 14: The God, Father – Religion vs. Relationship with God
  • Oct 28: New Bourne Identity – How God Changes our Lives

PRAYER: The House is hosting prayer time at 7am on weekdays. There is also prayer at the back of the church at 6.30pm every Sunday night. We’d love you to join with us in this important ministry!

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: Regarding the “Truth Lab” event mentioned above this week I thought I’d feature an online documentary with a similar theme called The Bonhoeffer 4 – Living a costly grace in the face of war. The documentary goes for about 24 minutes and you can watch it online at

That’s all for this edition of NightChurch News – Steve Pattison.