NightChurch News, 8 June



THIS WEEK @ NIGHTCHURCH: We continue ourseries on 1 Thessalonians with Nicholas Tuohy speaking on ‘Being Disciples: Death, Armageddon and all that’. Jono Davenport is leading the service, Mat Hunter and Kate Steel are leading the music team, Caitlyn Pryse will be praying and convening, Alex James and Lydia Natsis will be praying up the back and Mary-Anne Philip and Kate Steel will be providing supper.


You can download the study guide for our Thessalonians series here:


MAY MISSION PROJECT: We are still collecting donations for May Mission Month. Our aim is to raise $5000 as a church to support a recycling project in South East Asia (further details here: You can give via direct transfer to the church account (Kew Baptist Church, 083-166, 515441921) with reference ‘May Project’, or in a marked envelope in the Sunday offering. Please give generously!


MEN’S BREAKFAST: This Friday, 6 June, is the next men’s breakfast. It will be held at 7am in a location in Box Hill. Please get in touch with Luke Gibbons and he will give you the address.


FAN CLUB: Matt Hill is heading up the Food After NightChurch Club, and is looking for volunteers to organise a place to go for dinner after church on 8th, 22nd, and 29th June. Please get in contact with him if you can organise dinner somewhere on one or more of these weeks.


GUILTY PLEASURE EVENT: “Grey Matters: How a porn saturated culture is affecting our brains”. Wednesday 11 June, 7-9pm at CrossCulture (333 Swanston St, Melbourne). Keynote speaker: Dr William Struthers. Cost: $5 per person. Men and women welcome. Register online:


LOVE ABBOTSFORD: Kew Baptist Church will once again be loving Abbotsford on Saturday 14 June, 12-5pm at the Housing Estates at 229 Hoddle Street. There will be sport, music, face painting, a BBQ, and it will be a chance to continue to build relationships with the people there.


JUSTICE WEEK: June 15-22 we are focusing on Justice with some special events and guest speakers from Urban Neighbourhoods of Hope, Servants Community Housing, and Baptist World Aid. We are also participating in World Vision’s “Welcome to my Place” lunch on Sunday 15 June to welcome Asylum seekers. More details about this week soon!


KBC CHURCH FAMILY CAMP: We will be heading off to Camp Wilkin in Anglesea for our church family camp on the weekend of July 11-13. There will be no official program, just a chance to have some rest and relaxation and to get to know each other. More info and registration can be found here on our website:


PRAYER: There is prayer at the back of the church at 5pm every Sunday. We’d love you to join with us in this important ministry!