NightChurch News 9 February

THIS WEEK @ NIGHTCHURCH: Our theme for the service is ‘The Purpose and Essential Nature of Small Groups’. Wendy Henry and Paul Pallot will be preaching, Jono Davenport is leading the service, Lauren Morgan is organising the music team, Zach Moore is on audio/data, and Sarah Powys will be providing supper. Thanks everyone.

CHURCH DIRECTORY: This Sunday we will begin collecting details for the 2014 Church Directory. We are aiming to include photos in the directory this year, so our resident photographer Felicia Prior will be available before/after the service to take your photo. If you want to be included in the directory, make sure you fill in one of the designated cards and see Felicia for a photo before the end of February.

RES WORKING BEE: It’s that time of year again! Yes, time to get the Res all ready and spruced up for the new year. Challenges include vanquishing spiders, searching for left over treasure in drawers and under beds, furniture construction (or at least putting it together/fixing it), tearing apart old mattresses and salvaging scrap metal, as well as a bunch of other general, more mundane but very helpful cleaning, sorting and fixing jobs.
Date: Saturday 8 February, Time: From 8.30am – 12.00pm (come when you can, stay for as long as you can). 10am Morning Tea provided. Hope to see you there!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Felicia Prior is putting together some photos for a mental illness awareness project. She needs some volunteers who are willing to be photographed for artistic purposes, to portray those who have been diagnosed with mental illness. She would like anyone who is willing, from a variety of age groups and backgrounds. The session will be on Saturday 8 February at 12.30pm (after the Res Working Bee) in the church hall. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Felicia.

CHURCH GATHERING & LUNCH: On Sunday 16 February after the 10am service we will gather together to hear about the plans for the year, finance updates, and prayer together. Jono Davenport has been nominated to become a Deacon, which is good news. One thing as a main item could be imagining how we can best use our quarterly gatherings to further the mission and ministry of KBC. And we will also share lunch together – donations welcome!

CONGRATULATIONS to Steve & Anouchka Chatelier on the arrival of Jude Ernest Chatelier, born January 31. A beautiful little brother for Malachi and Eloise!

GUYS’ MAINTENANCE CREW: The maintenance crew is meeting for the first time on Saturday 15 February from 8.30am until about 2pm (or whenever we finish the work). We will be putting up some shelving in the back room of the hall. Lots of drilling and woodwork, climbing and moving heavy things. Free lunch provided. Come along and hang out with some top blokes. Let off some steam with a hammer and drill!

SERVOLUTION: Servolution is coming! Sunday 23 February will be a NightChurch service to remember. Be there.

WELCOME TO MY PLACE: June 15-21 this year is Refugee Week, and World Vision is running a program to help church communities host asylum seekers for lunch/dinner. There is a training night at NewHope in Blackburn in March (you can sign up online: Nicholas will be going and is keen for our church to have a dinner or lunch during that week to host asylum seekers. If you are interested in being involved, sign up and let Nicholas know. Training event: Thursday 6 March 2014, 6:30pm–9:00pm, NewHope Baptist Church (3 Springfield Rd, Blackburn North).

PRAYER: There is prayer at the back of the church at 5pm every Sunday. We’d love you to join with us in this important ministry!

That’s all for this edition of NightChurch News – Steve Pattison.