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On Monday (5 Sep) it was 5 years to the day since I started as Senior Pastor here at KBC. Here’s what Amanda and I promised at our induction service on 11/09/11:

  • Nicholas, do you accept the role of pastor within this church, believing that God has led you to ministry within and through this community of faith? I do.
  • Nicholas, will you seek, in the strong and enabling Spirit of God, to faithfully live out your calling to all the aspects of pastoral leadership in this church being entrusted to you today? I will.
  • Nicholas, will you give priority to the Bible, prayer, spiritual growth, skills development and recreation to ensure that your pastoral ministry remains vital and contemporary? I will.
  • Amanda, we acknowledge that you are an integral part of Nicholas’ ministry and calling. We welcome you, inviting you to use your God-given gifts in this church, and affirm that no expectations are being placed upon you. Will you support and partner Nicholas in his ministry? I will.
  • Will you seek to care for each other, acknowledging the special needs and challenges that come with being in pastoral ministry? We will.

Here’s what you promised:

  • Do you accept Nicholas as pastor of this church by the leading of God? Do you affirm your commitment to Nicholas’ ministry and will you support him in prayer and in action? We do and we will.
  • Will you seek to care for Nicholas and Amanda, acknowledging the special needs and challenges that come with being in pastoral ministry? We will.

To the best of our ability and by God’s grace alone, both Amanda and I have sought to serve this church community with commitment, devotion and wholeheartedness. We have prayed fervently, been open and honest, sought to model authenticity and vulnerability and engaged in the very real and at times intense spiritual battle that serving Christ entails. We have sought to make it all about Jesus and worked together with you to ensure he is at the centre of all we are and all we do.

We have grown to love and appreciate the people of this church and respect the rich heritage of Kew Baptist. We are honoured to have followed in the footsteps of so many other pastoral leaders and families who have gone before us. Thankyou for your love and support and for the way you give, serve, pray and live out your faith here at KBC.

In conclusion we desire to give our Heavenly Father our sincere gratitude for His grace and mercy extended to us during the 5 years which have just closed. Goodness and mercy have followed us and we go forward with hopeful confidence in the continuance of his blessing to us in the future. To God be the Glory!

Nicholas & Amanda

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