Pastor’s Reflection 17/5

Greetings everyone, there’s lots happening around KBC as usual and I just wanted to touch on a few things.

Sunday Series: Today we start a couple of OT series. Paul Pallot is preaching for two weeks on Jonah at 10am and I am doing 3 weeks on Daniel at NightChurch. For people at both those congregations, why not read through those books over the next couple of weeks to prepare yourself to hear what God may be saying to you, and the church.

Food Drive: Our church had around 15 people participate in raising $82k of food from our community for Anglicare to distribute to those in need. Thankyou to everyone involved and hopefully next year we can get even more involved.

Global Mission: On Tuesday night the Global Mission Team met and approved the GMT budget for 2015/16 of $31,000. This includes new support for Mat Hunter, though most of this will be covered by our May Appeal. Over May we join with Baptist churches all over Australia to give, pray and move our focus afresh to mission. I invite you to give towards Mat Hunter’s support and also directly to our Baptist Mission agency Global Interaction. Please pray and give generously and partner with God in transforming nations. Envelopes and info on giving are available in the foyer, or else contact Lauren at the office during the week.

May Church Gathering: Can I ask all of our members and active attenders to make a priority to participate in our quarterly church gathering? Over the last decade or so Baptist churches have seen a bit of decline in participation and this is concerning. We are a congregationally governed church under the leading of the Holy Spirit. So we come together to pray, plan and discuss the future and make decisions about major matters for our church. So please be there.

Prayer: Did you hear about the church community that didn’t make prayer together a priority? Here’s what they accomplished for the Kingdom of God:

You can pray anytime and thankyou that you do pray. But here’s the weekly opportunities we have to pray together as a church:

  • 9:30am and 5pm before Sunday services.
  • Every Tuesday at the prayer breakfast, 7-8:15am in the Lounge.

As the apostle Paul said, “Pray Continually.” Lord help us obey this!

Nicholas Tuohy

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