Global Mission News with Mel Hill

The church is the vehicle of the mission of Jesus on earth. As a church community, we aim to:

1. Play a part in introducing those in least-reached people groups to Jesus

2. Identify potential cross-cultural workers and encourage all church participants to participate in cross-cultural mission

3. Financially, prayerfully and practically support identified cross-cultural workers and organisations

As we head into our May Mission focus as a church, joining with hundreds of other Baptist Churches around Australia, it is good to be able to update the church on Mel Hill’s trip to Africa. Mel has also applied for one of our Mission Exposure Scholarships for $250 and has been successful. Mel will work with Marg Docking at Wise Choices for Life in Uganda from 1-19 May, and His House of Hope in South Sudan from 19 May – 21 June. Mel writes:

“I am a qualified midwife and nurse. These skills will be used throughout the trip both in a teaching and practical capacity. I have been in communication with Pioneers for pre-briefing and debriefing and have been able to catch up with a few of their employees to discuss my trip and other things.

During the trip I will be spending 2 weeks in Uganda with Marg Docking and Wise Choices for Life. We will be running 2 weeks of workshops, this includes training the locals in maternal and child health, family planning, empowerment etc. I will also get a chance to explore a little of Uganda while I’m there. The following month will be spend in South Sudan, in a little town called Yei. Here I will be working/volunteering as a nurse/midwife at the local women and children’s hospital, and immersing myself in the community there!

What you hope to learn from your experience:

There are so many things I hope to learn. I hope to learn about mission and what that could look like for me long-term. I hope to learn about sustainable mission, to leave a place with it continuing without me. I hope to learn about God’s heart for the people of Uganda and South Sudan. I hope to learn about God’s plans for us, our world as a whole. I hope to further my skills and knowledge in midwifery and nursing care. I hope to learn more about education and training.”

Every member of or church is sent out on mission every week. Sometimes God calls people to a more specific task, such as setting out from home to other lands. Either way, every Christian is on mission.

Nicholas Tuohy

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