Tuesday’s prayer breakfast is a great time with a mix of people from 10am and NightChurch. It is so wonderful to gather as a church other than on Sundays, share life, prayer and breakfast. See you on Tuesday at 7am. PUT IT IN YOUR SCHEDULE NOW!

Just on Prayer, it is my intention to start each term this year with a Week of Prayer. Similar format, but open to creative and imaginative ways of praying. If this is something you believe God might be leading you to be involved, have a chat to myself. I believe persistent, committed, loving prayer needs to be infused in our blood as a church; prayer needs to be the double helix of our DNA. Ok, enough metaphors, but I am very serious about this.

There can be a tendency in our sophisticated, technological and progressive society to see prayer as something we move on from, or grow up from. But it is more something we grow in to. And truly, it is a keystone practice that underpins the life of the disciple and the life of the church. As breathing is to a physical organism, so is prayer to our spiritual lives and vitality. We don’t run classes in breathing because we all know how intrinsic and fundamental it is to life. To not engage in breathing is to die. Prayer is the same for us individually and as a church.

Prayer is not a gimmick, not even a means to an end; coupled with faith in Jesus it is the doorway to walking with God and living by the leading of the Holy Spirit. As one author put it some years ago:

Whenever a congregation begins at any point to centre down in prayer, God engineers new developments which may loosen the constricting lethargy and make possible the deep breathing of the Holy Spirit into the soul of his church. Dr Charlie Shedd.

Nicholas Tuohy


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