Reflection: The Lord’s Prayer

As we continue to ask the Lord Jesus, “Teach us to Pray,” here is a reflection on the Lord’s Prayer as a framework with which to pray daily.


Our Father in heaven…

  1. Understand your small place in the scheme of things: God is Mighty, Eternal and Powerful – we are tiny earth-dwellers! Stand in AWE of God.
  2. Jesus died for you to bring you to God. How much God must love you! You are a child of God. Take hold of this and thank God.
  3. ‘Our Father’ implies you belong to a family and community of believers. Are there any others in the church that need your prayers right now?


Hallowed be Your name…

  1. ‘Hallowed’ means sacred, holy, blessed, and sanctified. Get a picture and sense of how great God is and spend time praising and blessing His Name and Person.
  2. The Psalms are full of such language – start there and over time that praise language will become your native tongue.


Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven…

  1. God’s kingdom and will is His reign and dominion. There are places in our world, and even in our own hearts, where this is not yet reality.
  2. Offer your whole life for God’s will and service. Pray to be a vessel for God’s purposes in the world, lovingly interceding for people and events.
  3. Desire and pray for the Reign and Lordship of Jesus Christ over all things.


Give us this day our daily bread…

  1. Petitions and requests form an aspect of prayer. The term ‘daily bread’ suggests God will give us what we need – not what we want. Ask God humbly and persistently for what you need, and do so in faith.
  2. Jesus said we don’t live on bread alone, but by every word that comes from God. Feed on the Scriptures, meditating and inwardly dwelling on God’s truth.


And forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us…

  1. Our sins are what separate us from God. How wonderful that Jesus has taken our sins in his own body on the cross. He pays, we go free, he dies, we live.
  2. God wants to gradually transform us from the inside out. Be honest, confess your sins to God. Thank God that you are forgiven because of Jesus.
  3. Ask God to help you forgive those who have wronged and hurt you.


And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil…

  1. As followers of Jesus we are still tempted and still sin. And we have very real spiritual enemies – satanic powers. Prayer is a humble act on our part where we acknowledge the reality that we need God’s help and protection constantly.
  2. Praise is a powerful weapon over evil. Praise God for Jesus’ victory over death and hell. Take hold of Biblical promises and pray them over your life and for others.
  3. Pray for protection. Ask God to teach you wisdom how to fight this battle.


For Yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever, amen…

  1. All prayer anticipates the great and glorious future. The best is yet to come, God wins. Love, Justice, and Mercy triumph in the end.
  2. This hope is like the music that plays under our prayers – and that’s where faith is vital. Sometimes things don’t seem like they will end well – but God promises they will. Keep the end in mind – it is bright and beautiful!
  3. Ask God to help your life become a beacon of hope and light in dark places.


Let’s keep building a culture and practice of devoted prayer as a church.

Nicholas Tuohy

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