Belong, Explore, Grow

A little while ago I wrote about the three values we believe are at the core of the experience for students living at Res: belong, explore, grow. There is no doubt that from a strong sense of belonging the courage to explore and the opportunities to grow emerge. With all the changes and challenges that come with moving out of home to a new city, adjusting to living in Res, beginning tertiary study and meeting many new people, also come opportunities to learn more about oneself, others, one’s faith and the world we live in.  Growth can be difficult, it often happens when we are out of our comfort zone. Res hopefully provides a safe environment for young adults to talk to new people, test out new ideas and try new experiences.

Below are two reflections on this theme from current residents who moved into the Res earlier this year:

“Moving away from all that is familiar and comfortable forces you to step outside your comfort zone. I used to find talking to people I didn’t know quite an uncomfortable, awkward experience. Since moving to Res, starting Uni and going to different churches I have met and made small talk with countless individuals. Naturally, after a couple of weeks, talking to people I didn’t know became normal. I have grown more confident, assertive and creative through learning to interact with new people.”  Carly from Shepparton

“I have never been the type of person to talk openly to people, but at Res, the people I have met have changed that for me. Throughout my childhood, I had always been the outsider and the quiet one. Res brings out the best in everyone, and because of that, my personality has grown dramatically. The friendships I have made, I wouldn’t change for the world. For me, Res gives me the ability to explore the opportunities possible, and make the most of it. I am grateful for that.”  Blake from Wodonga

As the students spend some time at home during the Uni holidays, please pray that they might be refreshed for semester two. Pray for us, the Committee, the support staff and House that we would continue to find ways to create an environment for all students to belong, explore and grow.

Anouchka Chatelier

(Student Res Manager)

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