Available to borrow from the Ministry Centre (16 Highbury Grv)


Nooma: 020 Shells by Rob Bell (2008) – http://nooma.com/films/020-shells

What are we really doing with our time? There are so many good things to do – but while we’re busy doing all these good things, are we missing out on something great?

1 x 10min session, contains study booklet


Experiencing God by Henry & Richard Blackaby and Claude King (2007) – http://www.blackaby.net/expgod

Knowing and doing the will of God.

12 x 30min DVD sessions, kit includes Leader CD-ROM with supplemental material and study guides


Basic Series by Francis Chan (2012) – http://basicseries.com

Trends come and go in our culture and the church seems to follow. This series challenges us to reclaim the church as Scripture describes it to be, exploring these seven themes: Fear God, Follow Jesus, Holy Spirit, Fellowship, Teaching, Prayer, Communion.

7-part series of short films (total 105min), each film includes personal reflection guide


Not of this World by Lisa Chan (2013) – http://truebeautyfilms.com/films/not-of-this-world

What does it look like to love our neighbour, but not to love the world and everything in it?

18min short film


The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman (2009) – http://www.5lovelanguages.com/resource/the-5-love-languages%E2%84%A2-with-dr-gary-chapman-dvd

Marriage and relationship counsellor Dr. Gary Chapman shares the secret to love that lasts, exploring the five fundamental love languages – words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, physical touch, quality time.

1hr DVD seminar


Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend (2007) – http://store.cloudtownsend.com/dvd/boundaries-original-dvd-kit.html

Setting and maintain healthy boundaries that provide the framework for rich, productive relationships.

9 sessions (total 80min), for use with study guide


Boundaries with Kids by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend (2007) – http://store.cloudtownsend.com/dvd/boundaries-with-kids-dvd-groupware.html

Parenting tools for raising kids to take responsibility for their own actions, attitudes and emotions.

8 sessions (total 100min), for use with study guide


Discipleship Explored by Barry Cooper (2008) – http://www.thegoodbook.com.au/christian-living/discipleship/discipleship-explored/discipleship-explored-dvd

Journey through Philippians, exploring what it means to know Christ.

8-week course (8 x short DVD sessions), for use with study guide (4 copies available from KBC office)


Jesus: Man, Messiah or More? by Day of Discovery (2008) – https://dhp.org/dvds/day-of-discovery-dvds/dv750.html

A panel of biblical scholars examine what the historical evidence reveals about Jesus.

8 x 26min DVD sessions


Life of Jesus by John Dickson (2010) – https://publicchristianity.org/library/life-of-jesus

Examining historical roots of Christian faith and what we know of Jesus’ birth, teaching, deeds, crucifixion and resurrection.

6 sessions (combined into 1hr documentary), for use with ‘Life of Jesus’ book


Towards Belief by Karl Faase (2013) – http://www.towardsbelief.org.au/default.aspx

Leading Christian thinkers defuse the belief blockers of our time, covering topics such as church abuse, supernatural, the bible, homosexuality, exclusive faith, religious violence, and more.

10 sessions (10 x 28min episodes), for use with study guide (1 copy available from KBC office)


Grace [The One and Only] by Louie Giglio (2010) – http://www.koorong.com/search/product/dvd-passion-city-church-grace-the-one-and/5099991788894.jhtml;TCSC=59FFE5B2E3447091D170F4019328A57D.3

5-part series (total 300min)


Calling Charlie by Global Interaction (2010) – http://www.globalinteraction.org.au/resources/callingcharlie.aspx

What does it mean to embrace God’s heart for the world? This study tackles four of the big issues – calling, justice, mission and culture.

4 sessions, for use with study guide (5 copies available from KBC office)

Moved by Global Interaction (2012) – http://www.globalinteraction.org.au/Moved.aspx

Inspiring, educating and encouraging a Biblical perspective of mission.

3 session study; 11 copies of study guide and 1 DVD available at KBC


If God is God, Why Do Bad Things Happen? by Os Guinness (2011) – https://dod.org/dv785.html

Os Guinness introduces the problem of evil from an Eastern, secular, and biblical perspective, and examines the difference between evil and suffering. He also provides seven steps to help you think through the problem of evil.

45min DVD session


The Promised One: Seeing Jesus in Genesis by Nancy Guthrie (2011) – http://www.nancyguthrie.com/books/The_Promised_One_book.php

Gain a fresh perspective on the book of Genesis and a broader understanding of Jesus as the fulfilment of Scripture.

10 x 40min sessions, for use with ‘The Promised One’ book


Foundations: Creation by Thom Holladay & Kay Warren (2008) – http://www.koorong.com/search/product/foundations-creation-dvd-kay-warren-tom-holladay/9780310276777.jhtml

This study focuses on how each of us was personally created by a loving God.

4 sessions (total 90min), for use with study guide


Foundations: Jesus by Thom Holladay & Kay Warren (2008) – http://www.koorong.com/search/product/foundations-jesus-dvd-kay-warren-tom-holladay/9780310276739.jhtml

This study on Jesus is all about relationships.

4 sessions (total 90min), for use with study guide


Foundations: God by Thom Holladay & Kay Warren (2008) – http://www.koorong.com/search/product/foundations-god-dvd-kay-warren-tom-holladay/9780310276715.jhtml?rcm=true&rxx=static&txx=0

This study focuses on getting to know God – his character, his values, and his love – and in the process come to experience him in a more powerful and personal way.

4 sessions (total 90min), for use with study guide


The Power of a Whisper by Bill Hybels – http://www.billhybels.org/resources.asp

Hearing God and having the guts to respond.

4 sessions (total 110min), for use with study guide


Gospel in Life by Timothy Keller (2010) – http://timothykeller.com/study/gospel_in_life

Study of the gospel and how to live it out in everyday life.

8 session course (8 x 10min DVD sessions), for use with study guide


The Controversial Jesus by Erwin Raphael McManus (2010) – http://www.lifeway.com/Product/the-controversial-jesus-dvd-leader-kit-P005286794

This series examines the controversial side of Jesus and challenges us with what that means for our lives today.

6 sessions (6 x 20min DVD sessions), kit contains 1 DVD and 1 study guide


Follow Me by David Platt (2013) – http://www.followmebook.org/resources

Pastor David Platt challenges the traditions of cultural Christianity and reintroduces us to Jesus and His most simple request: Follow Me.

6 x 30min DVD sessions


Introducing God by Dominic Steele with Leigh Hatcher (2003) – http://www.koorong.com/search/product/introducing-god-dvd-dominic-steele/0975141325.jhtml

Relational course, introduces friends to God in a relaxed, culturally-appropriate way.

8-week course (plus introductory session and optional ‘weekend’ session), 12 x 30min DVD sessions

Designed for use with study guide (4 copies available from KBC office)


Better Together: What On Earth Are We Here For? by Rick Warren – http://www.koorong.com/search/product/better-together-dvd-rick-warren/025986326821.jhtml

Learn how to fulfil God’s purposes for your life within the context of community.

6 sessions (total 190min), for use with study guide


Purpose Driven Life: What On Earth Am I Here For? by Rick Warren – http://www.koorong.com/search/product/purpose-driven-life-what-on-earth-am-i/9780310696193.jhtml

A journey of discovery towards the answer to life’s most fundamental question: “What on earth am I here for?”

6 sessions (total 180min), for use with study guide (1 copy available from KBC office)


Son of God: The Life of Jesus in You by Rick Warren – http://www.koorong.com/search/product/son-of-god-leader-kit-rick-warren/9781430035299.jhtml

Based on the feature film produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. What would happen if you applied the lessons from events in Jesus’ life – temptation, suffering, death, resurrection – to your own?

6 sessions (total 165min), for use with study guide (1 copy available from KBC office)


What’s So Amazing About Grace? by Philip Yancey – http://www.koorong.com/search/product/whats-so-amazing-about-grace-small-group-edition/0310261791.jhtml

Discover why grace is more amazing than you’re ever dreamed.

10 sessions (total 15min), for use with study guide