Every Blessing in Christ | Your Place in God's Plan

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Join us for the start of our new series "Your Place in God's Plan" exploring the Book of Ephesians.

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Audio-only sermons

Find sermons from Kew Baptist Church before 2020 below! These will be updated periodically as we upload and highlight classic sermon series’ from KBC over the years.

Jesus the Wise One

The sum of all Wisdom, Jesus completely reframes and upends our opinions on wisdom and foolishness. Watch our NightChurch service to enjoy Nick’s sermon!    

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God can use anyone

With the reading coming from Matthew 1:18 – 2:12 this week, Pastor Nick explored the idea that God can use anyone for his mission and purposes. Starting with the genealogy in Matthew chapter 1, Nick focused in on the unlikely characters that made up Jesus’ family tree, showing that God uses people from all walks […]

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Advent Communion Service

Tonight Lauren preached from Isaiah 9:1-7. She explores the idea that in order for hope to be real, you must first understand that there is a need for hope. It is only in the context of pain, sin and suffering, that we can actually fully understand and long for the true hope and peace that […]

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Hard Questions All Sermons

View all the sermons in this playlist here Topics: Hell and Judgement Sexuality The Bible: Authenticity The Bible: Good News for Women God, Politics and Ethics Faith and Life Lets Talk About Sex Depression, Doubt and Divine Guidance Q+A Panel Night

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The God I Don’t Believe In

View all the sermons in this playlist here The Arrogant God The Intolerant God The Violent God The Uncaring God The Homophobic God The Ignorant God The Angry God The Gender-Stereotyping God Q+A Panel

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