Soul Parenting

Our friends over at The Wellspring Centre are again running Soul Parenting this year:

“If you see parenting as purely a matter of keeping the kids clean, fed and clothed, it can be dispiriting, inane and mundane. Or, you can plunge in, go deeper, search for the inner core of it all: that’s where you’ll find the seeds of life.” (Sally Collings)

A unique opportunity for uninterrupted, thought provoking conversations about who we are as parents. It’s not yet another course about parenting strategies or child development. Instead, we’ll explore the vital ‘inner work’ that will help us thrive during the adventure of parenthood. Clear the dates, find a babysitter, make a booking and use this opportunity to care for yourself (and, in turn, your kids)!

Joan Wright-Howie, Mary McCowan, Rosanne Arnott, Jodi Green, Susan Campbell, Alex Sangster

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