Spiritual Gifts Survey

It was great to commission and pray for various leaders and the whole congregation at NightChurch last night! At the close of the service, we encouraged everyone this week to consider how we all might be able to serve God and people this year. Sometimes it can be hard to know how we can best help, or how God has gifted us to serve. The Bible is clear that God calls people and gifts people to serve Him. We don’t need to stress about this, but it is helpful to spend some time praying and considering how you might be fruitful in God’s work in the world and in the church. Spiritual gift surveys are not the whole picture, but can be helpful if combined with personal prayer and counsel of other Christians you trust. Here’s a few places to start:

– Some guidance on discovering where God is calling you and gifting you to serve:

– How to discover your spiritual gifts article:

– Online spiritual gift assessment:

Can we encourage you to take the online survey this week? If you’re able, print out or record your results and spend some time over the week thinking and praying about where God has gifted you and is calling you to serve. Feel free to have a chat with a friend/pastor about it too! Then this coming Sunday at NightChurch you’ll have an opportunity to commit to serving God this year. Perhaps you’ll want to use how God has gifted you to serve others! Perhaps you’ll want to grow in an area of leading and service. Come along to NightChurch ready this week!

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