Student Res Reflection: Family

Although it’s still less than a month since our 2016 students moved in, everyone seems to be settling in to life at Res really well. After the relentless activity and excitement of O’Week, it’s a pleasure to see how quickly daily routines are being established and friendships are forming; how the Res is quickly becoming a home. A warm sense of family is slowly but surely being built right here – and that’s what makes the Res such a special place.

In this spirit, Emily, one of our 2016 Student Leaders shares some reflections on the meaning of family – wherever you may find it.


1. A group of people related by blood or marriage; all the descendants of a common ancestor; a group of related things; a social unit.

2. Family is walking out of an embrace, with sadness weighing heavy. It’s walking into your living room and sighing, even if unconsciously. It’s pancakes. Mixtapes. Paint-less walls. It’s the sound of your dog’s claws on your new hardwood floor, the unidentifiable smell wafting from your brother’s room. It’s internal screaming, some external scratch marks. It’s rawness, to the bone. It’s undeniably sore. Family is (rarely) letting your sister eat your ice-cream. It’s practical shoes, growing your hair after a mum haircut; growing it in the first place. Not talking in the car, flat tyres, green veggies, Macca’s cheeseburgers. It’s the smell of your father’s famous cheese thing; blowing wishes on birthday cakes; making dishes. Family is the desire to be where you’re not. It is more than a house; a room. It’s around you. In that house, on that street, in that neighbourhood, in that city.

If you’re reading this in the middle of Church, would you do something for me? Just glance up from this newsletter and take a look around. Family is closer than you realise.

Emily (2016 KSR Student Leader)

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