Term 2 Preaching Themes

Our church covenant states that we desire to “base everything we do on Scripture, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to search out truth in Scripture and in each other and to express our understanding of this in ways relevant to today’s world through attitudes, life and actions.” And so one of the reasons we do sermon series at KBC is that learning, reflection and applying the teachings of the bible are integral to nurturing fruitful Christian lives. And while you can read the bible anytime or delve into particular areas of theology and spiritual life privately, there is something life-giving and essential to learn within the social context of a community of faith. Over Term 2 we have put a lot of thought, prayer and planning into two new series. “Teach Us To Pray” at 10am will slow things down, help us take a deep breath and centre our lives around a practical and integrated rhythm of prayer. At NightChurch “The God I Don’t Believe In” will help us engage with a number of obstacles people have to believing in God. Please make it a priority to gather together each week as we learn together what it means to be growing as a fruitful follower of Jesus.


10am series: “Teach Us To Pray”

  • Apr 17: “Our Father in Heaven” (Adoration)
  • Apr 24: “Your Kingdom Come” (Intercession)
  • May 1: “Give us this Day” (Petition)
  • May 8: “Forgive us our Sins” (Confession)
  • May 15: “Deliver us from Evil” (Spiritual Warfare)
  • May 22: Praying the Psalms
  • Jun 19: Silence and Prayer
  • Jun 26: Teach us to Pray: All Ages Service
  • Jul 3: Praying with Perseverance
  • Jul 10: The Reformers’ Practice of Prayer


NightChurch series: “The God I Don’t Believe In”

  • Apr 17: The Arrogant God: How can Christians claim Jesus is the only way to God?
  • Apr 24: The Intolerant God: Is faith just a repressive moral straightjacket?
  • May 1: The Violent God: Doesn’t religion cause wars?
  • May 8: The Uncaring God: How can God allow suffering in the world?
  • May 15: The Homophobic God: Does God really hate gay people?
  • May 22: The Ignorant God: Hasn’t science disproved the existence of God?
  • Jun 19: The Angry God: How can a loving God send people to hell?
  • Jun 26: The Gender Stereotyping God: Isn’t religion patriarchal and misogynistic?

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