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Each year we offer 5 young adults the opportunity to live together in The House at 14 Highbury Grove.

Here’s what some former House residents have to say (we promise they are real people- though their occupations are fictitious):

“The house is a great place to not only have the opportunity to give and serve, but to do so in an encouraging and supportive environment.” Joshi (Stunt Motorcyclist)

“It seems too often in today’s world (not that I really know any other) that individuals are so consumed by “getting ahead” and “making life work well”. While these are worthwhile aspirations, the House offers an environment that encourages something more than simple self-development. It enables growth rather than gain, and service rather than self-centeredness. By no means is the House the only place this cultivation can occur, but it’s sure a great place to begin it!” Will (Consultant with Vandelay Industries)

“The house is an amazing opportunity to be able to connect with university students at a really key time in their lives where many of them are questioning faith whether they have one or not. It is an opportunity to show Jesus to people where your target audience is incredibly accessible. I would highly recommend it!” Jane (Bomb Disposal Expert)

“It’s amazing what God can do when you surrender such a large chunk of your life in faithful service to Him. Having something else other than Uni, or work as my main focus was an incredible time where I saw God do some amazing things. It was an absolute privilege to be a part of God’s ongoing work at the Res!” Kate (Moon Rock Analyst)

“The House has been an excellent place to learn about serving and supporting each other in Christ-centered community.” Katie (Deep Sea Diver)

“Its such an incredibly unique experience, with its ups and downs. My favourite is being able to see God at work in people’s lives, then watching as they see it too! Also an amazing place to learn what LOVE looks like!” Melanie (Organic Silkie Chicken Breeder)

“It is an incredible opportunity and blessing living in the house! The year is as big or small as your imagination and the time you put into it. It’s definitely got it’s ups and downs it’s challenges and it’s wonderful surprises. I’ve been blessed a million times over with the amazing Res community that I was given a free pass into. It’s an awesome way to learn how to serve and love and I’ve learnt heaps living with some amazing people. It’s a taste of God’s kingdom sharing a house with people who have a common purpose and similar mind set, for life and God’s mission! A great way to take the focus off me, my career, my life and put it back on God.” Kristy (“Dancing with the Stars” winner, 2012)