The Lord Establishes Our Steps

One proverb that has proved itself time and again in the last two years is Proverbs 16:9 – “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” This proverb neither condemns humans for making plans, nor provides a fatalistic picture of reality, but reaffirms that regardless of what we do, God is in control.

In youth ministry at Kew, we have seen the truth of this in a number of ways. After struggling to run classic Friday night youth for a semester, we realised that there were more youth regularly attending the Vietnamese service on a Sunday afternoon. Perhaps under God’s guidance this could be a more fruitful way to lead and serve the youth at Kew? Through much prayer and careful discussion, we moved youth to a Sunday arvo, and for the last two years we have enjoyed regular attendance, great relationship building and gradually developing discussion of the Bible and prayer. This week, for the fourth time, the youth will also all attend the Love Abbotsford ministry program at the Collingwood housing estates, where they get an opportunity to put their faith into action by showing love for the children and families there.

In children’s and families’ ministry, even just in the last few months, we have also witnessed God’s guidance, despite our initial plans that pointed in slightly different directions. While the Family Ministry Team continues to search for a Family Ministry Worker, lack of applicants means this plan of ours is at one level in God’s hands. However, in the meantime, God has been directing our families’ ministry through our prayers in other ways. A number of young adults are planning a new vision for the playground space, to open it up to new possible uses, including by local parents and children. The fledgling “Tea & Tots” group has started up twice a month to provide a starting point for family ministry to extend outside Sunday mornings. The all ages service last week came out of discussion with church parents about finding the right combination of Sunday School and children’s participation in church. While certainly small scale, God has been quietly establishing our steps along this path in ways we didn’t always expect.

Please continue praying for these ministries of Kew Baptist Church as we continue to seek and discern God’s leading and serve Him faithfully.

Paul Pallot

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