Week of Prayer 2017


Over 160 years ago, a prayer meeting was held in the little Kew home of Mr & Mrs Foy. That prayer meeting is still going and it is called Kew Baptist Church. Prayer birthed our church, sustained it, and will give us a fruitful future. 

As we start the new year as a church, let’s commit to a time of intentionally renewing and reviving our prayer before God.

Join us for the Week of Prayer!

Through the Week of Prayer, we shall focus on many of the prayers of the Apostle Paul in his epistles. This booklet is designed for use in prayer either alone or in groups. It will be used at prayer breakfasts during the Week of Prayer. If you are unable to attend a breakfast, we encourage you to use this guide each day as indicated. Of course, don’t be limited by this guide; pray as you like!

Prayer Breakfasts, 7-8am

  • Mon 6 Feb, The Lounge (upstairs in hall)
  • Tue 7 Feb, The Lounge (upstairs in hall)
  • Wed 8 Feb, The House (14 Highbury Grv)
  • Thu 9 Feb, The Lounge (upstairs in hall)
  • Fri 10 Feb, Res Flat (entry via Mary St car park)

Prayer & Worship Night, 7:30pm

  • Thu 9 Feb, Newnham Hall

Other Ideas

  • How about fasting at lunchtime and using the 30 mins to pray?
  • Catch up with some friends at KBC for a random time of prayer together.
  • Skip the news on TV for the week and use that time to pray.
  • Go to bed 30 mins early and get up 30 mins earlier to pray.

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