Week of Prayer: Term 1, 2016


As we start the new year as a church, let’s commit to a time of intentionally renewing and reviving our prayer before God.

Join us for the Week of Prayer!

You are invited to sign up for the daily Prayer Breakfasts (Mon-Fri), as well as the 24hr Prayer Gathering (Sat-Sun).

• 1-5 Feb: Prayer Breakfasts in the Lounge (7-8am)

• 6-7 Feb: 24hr Prayer Gathering in the Church (9am Sat – 9am Sun, sign up for 30min timeslots)

We encourage everyone in our church to commit to participating in at least one event. There will be sign-up sheets at our Sunday services, or you can email the office (info@kewbaptist.net.au) with something like this:

Prayer Breakfast: Tuesday & Thursday
24hr Prayer: Saturday 2-2:30pm
Your name

Then put it in your diary!

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