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Spiritual Conversations


“Spiritual Conversations” – Rev. Paul Griffiths
How To Share Our Faith In Jesus With Others

Monday 5 June, 7:30-9:30pm
Church Building – supper provided.

A Welsh man, Paul is the leader of The Ugly Duckling Company, a not-for-profit organisation committed to stimulating conversations in contemporary culture. The charity has created several resources that have been accessed in over 85 countries of the world. In addition to authoring several books, he is a member of The Archbishop of Canterbury’s College of Evangelists.

The Ugly Duckling Company, UK
A ministry that exists to stimulate conversations around “the big” and “not-so-big” questions of life.


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Week of Prayer 2017


Over 160 years ago, a prayer meeting was held in the little Kew home of Mr & Mrs Foy. That prayer meeting is still going and it is called Kew Baptist Church. Prayer birthed our church, sustained it, and will give us a fruitful future. 

As we start the new year as a church, let’s commit to a time of intentionally renewing and reviving our prayer before God.

Join us for the Week of Prayer!

Through the Week of Prayer, we shall focus on many of the prayers of the Apostle Paul in his epistles. This booklet is designed for use in prayer either alone or in groups. It will be used at prayer breakfasts during the Week of Prayer. If you are unable to attend a breakfast, we encourage you to use this guide each day as indicated. Of course, don’t be limited by this guide; pray as you like!

Prayer Breakfasts, 7-8am

  • Mon 6 Feb, The Lounge (upstairs in hall)
  • Tue 7 Feb, The Lounge (upstairs in hall)
  • Wed 8 Feb, The House (14 Highbury Grv)
  • Thu 9 Feb, The Lounge (upstairs in hall)
  • Fri 10 Feb, Res Flat (entry via Mary St car park)

Prayer & Worship Night, 7:30pm

  • Thu 9 Feb, Newnham Hall

Other Ideas

  • How about fasting at lunchtime and using the 30 mins to pray?
  • Catch up with some friends at KBC for a random time of prayer together.
  • Skip the news on TV for the week and use that time to pray.
  • Go to bed 30 mins early and get up 30 mins earlier to pray.

Conquer Series

Starting Thursday 25 August, we will be running the Conquer Series at Kew Baptist. This is an intensive discipleship course for any man who has ever struggled. Every man, at some point will be tempted to sin sexually. The difference between prevailing and failing comes down to having a battle plan in place. The Conquer Series DVD Curriculum is a comprehensive teaching series on purity, training men to fight and win against sexual sin. This course will take you out of your comfort zone, so expect to be challenged.

For more information, please contact the church office.

Jesus: The End of Religion



What is the gospel? Why does it matter?

The gospel is the story of God’s restoration purposes for humanity that he began through the calling of Abraham, continued through the formation of the nation of Israel, and fulfilled in the story of Jesus’ life, his death, his resurrection, and his promise to return as king. It matters because it is the vehicle or mode by which God is restoring all things, including our own lives, to his original and perfect purpose. The gospel is how God is making all things new, defeating evil, forgiving humanity’s sinfulness and restoring his wholeness and peace to all creation.

The church is the custodian of the gospel to the nations, and we are to announce the gospel and call all peoples to believe, repent and be baptised in the name of this King Jesus. But if we don’t really get what the gospel is, at least two errors are made. Firstly, we will be unsure of the full and gracious gift of freedom and life God has given us and are likely to revert back to religion and law. And this is one of the problems Paul is scathing against in his letter to the Churches in Galatia. Secondly, we will be presenting this diminished and ‘sick gospel’ to others and essentially replicating disciples that are not fully free, not receiving the gift of God’s Spirit as the new way of living.

So in one of the earliest texts in our New Testament, the apostle Paul, called by God to be a messenger for the gospel, writes to the churches in Galatia (now modern day Turkey). And in the letter he reminds them of the centrality and vital importance of remaining true to the gospel. As N.T. Wright says:

For Paul, the gospel isn’t simply a system of salvation, or a new way of being religious. It’s the announcement that Jesus, the crucified Messiah, is exalted as Lord of the whole world; therefore, he is calling into existence a single worldwide family. This is the true gospel, he says; beware of illicit imitations. Indeed, shun them; they are a curse, not a blessing.

Paul’s apostolic aim to build a single Jesus-based family by announcing this gospel has been partially successful and partially not. It’s as much a challenge in our day as it has ever been. In the wider world, ethnic rivalry and hostility continue unabated. Isn’t it time for the church to rediscover the apostolic gospel, and to live by it?

Yes, it is time for us to rediscover the gospel and to live by it and embody a new passion to make it known to a world in desperate need of its life-giving and liberating message.


Jesus: The End of Religion.  

Jul 17: God’s Grace Transforms People (Gal 1:1–24)

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Jul 24: Grace Enables Authentic Community (Gal 2:1-14)

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Jul 31: The Liberating Power of Faith (Gal 2:15–3:5)

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Aug 7: Receiving What God Has Promised Us (Gal 3:6-22)

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Aug 14: Enjoying Freedom as God’s Children (Gal 3:23-4:7)

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Aug 21: Guard Your Freedom! (Gal 4:8–31)

Galatians 6 – Discussion NotesGalatians 6 – Sermon Powerpoint

Aug 28: Free To Love (Gal 5:1–12)

Galatians 7 – Discussion Notes

Sep 4: Living Life in the Holy Spirit (Gal 5:13–26)

Sep 11: Being a Jesus-Centred Community (Gal 6:1-18)