Each month a group from Kew Baptist Church meet at the Carrical Rooming House in Hawthorn to cook dinner and share time with the residents. This ministry has been ongoing for a number of years and is
coordinated by Grace Loh.

Carrical is a ministry of the Hawthorn West Baptist Church through a not-for-profit arm, Servants Community Housing. There are two additional homes in Kew with approximately 90 long-term residents across these facilities.

The model of housing is founded on the belief that each individual is worthwhile. For more than 30 years vulnerable individuals have been provided a safe, secure and affordable place to live. Some stay for many years while others are there for only a short time. During their time residents are offered an opportunity to experience a strong connectedness and sense of community and given an opportunity to live in relative comfort.

All too often the residents have been afforded little dignity or respect in their lives prior to being housed by Servants. They may have been homeless, released from prison, have left a psychiatric ward for the first time, have experienced a relationship breakdown or loss of employment, be suffering long-term mental illness, have substance issues or be affected by any number of other factors beyond their control.

The team takes food, cooks a meal and spends time talking with the residents. Conversations range from the mundane to deep and significant issues depending on the desire of the residents at the time.

If you would like to get involved in Carrical and be part of this important and rewarding ministry, please talk with Peter or Marion Todd or with Grace Loh.

Location Details

Mason Street
VIC 3122
03 9819 6073