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Panel Discussion | Backpack Christianity

To wrap up our Backpack Christianity, we had a panel discussion on questions arising from the 5 sessions.

Panel questions:
- The Way Home. What is the Gospel of God’s Grace and
how are people saved by it?
- Strength for the Journey. How do Christians grow into spiritual maturity and Christ-likeness?
- Companions along the Road. Why is belonging in a Community of believers, or a local church, important to Christians?
- Carrying One Another’s Load. Why should Christians give, serve and be generous- or engage in ministry?
- Seeking the Lost. Why is mission and evangelism the call of every Christian?
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Audio Sermon Archive

COVID19 lead to all our services and sermons being recorded on video – see above! Prior to that, all sermons from Kew Baptist Church were recorded audio-only. Below is an archive of our sermons prior to this.

These will be updated periodically as we upload and highlight classic audio sermon series’ from KBC over the years.