Small Groups


SMALL GROUPS are an integral part of church life – a great opportunity to build relationships, explore the bible, pray for one another, serve others and grow together in Christ.

But our understanding of a Small Group needs to go beyond this. Nurturing relationships, Bible Study, Prayer, serving and discipleship (growing in Christ), are aspects and outcomes of Small Groups. The overarching purpose is just that: purpose. Or, put in a Biblical word: mission. Jesus called a group of people together for a mission to radically change the world. A Small Group is where we seek and discern our purpose and the shape of the mission God has called us and equipped us for. Otherwise we are just a religious club or fraternity. Jesus’ mission was the announcement and demonstration of the kingdom of God in his life, sacrificial and saving death, and his death-conquering resurrection. HIs mission became the church’s mission. And joining together regularly with other followers of Jesus in a Small Group is a catalyst and conduit to participating in this mission. Our goals are:

■ To connect with God

■ To connect with each other

■ To connect with the community and the world around us

■ Change the world by announcing and demonstrating the good news of the Kingdom of God, begun and present in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

If you would like to find out about joining a group, please contact the church office (03) 9855 0070,

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